Why are non-bumis are so unsatisfied with malaysia?

I thought Malaysia was a happy place. Rite now in USA today here come the news of this political spokesperson that got charged with sodomy and protects the right(?) of chinese and indian people of malaysia. What is going on here?

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    Chinese, Indians and other minor races are treated as second grade citizens though they are the brains and contribute 90% of the income tax in the country. Their kids, though smart and excel in their studies, can't get into the local universities as to give way to those brainless , so called majority group who can only drag through to get their degrees, that is, if they ever graduate, The government will then make sure these idiots get employed by recruiting them in the government department--- virtually creating jobs for them and feeding them. High and top posts in this country are always meant for this selected racial group, though it's a public knowledge that the actual jobs are done by the subordinates, yes, the real smart brains. Big companies as required by the law, will have to employ certain percentage of these group of people ----- The government would pay tons of billions to build bridges that cracked, buildings that leak, a mere market that can't get completed in 7 years......... not to mention billions that spent on a ride in the Russian spaceship...The government want Anwar out of the way. So came the solomy case. The one accusing Anwar of sodomising ,who virtually went to see the deputy PM in person to report of this was found out lying about it all the time.. the detective invovled in the Mongolian girl case who claimed the Deputy PM and his Mrs were involved in the case has gone missing, nowhere to be found.....These, plus many of those very serious corruptions, make this place SUCK!!

  • neidig
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    4 years ago

    it particularly is fact, non-bumis are prefer to stay in different international places. another united states people who're no longer from Malaysia are particularly need to bypass to Malaysia and stay there. Malaysia is a alluring and severe high quality united states it has many stable issues and few undesirable issues besides. Malaysian are satisfied to stay there because of fact they are thoroughly settled there and not want everywhere else.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah, everyone thought Malaysia was a happy place too.

    Non-Bumis are dissatisfied with the system, not with the country (Malaysia).

    Take it from Hushpuppy....spot on !!

    It has been a big drama all along.....still is, actually....even more so now....

    As someone just mentioned YA being monitored, lol, I have to stop here as usual.......


  • jimmy
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    1 decade ago

    Main stream bumis are also unsatisfied with the Government. Malaysia's different rances can live and work together in harmony, and has always been...until the present government came ....

    (sorry, can't go on...this site is monitored)

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  • Boon Q
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    1 decade ago

    May 13, the kris showing, the second class standing, the remark of "you don`t like it, you can go back to china or india", favoritism given to bumis to enter local universities even if the non-bumis had better results etc etc are some of the valid reasons I suspect.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Non bumis were told to leave Malaysia after 51 years of contribution to the country.

  • *
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    1 decade ago

    Extremist politician use race and religion to divide the people to rule. They are trying to silence reformists like Anwar. They have arrested Pete, a blogger without trial indefinitely for exposing their corruption. Unfortunately, only moderate voice in the govt PM Badawi is losing ground and is forced to leave office

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    read this:


    if you are citizen of a country and contributed heaps to the country but always treated like second class citizen and sometimes worse than newly arrived immigrants... would you be satisfied?

    have you heard of affirmative action designed in favour of the majority anywhere else in the world? well here you get it.

    have you seen a democratic government stays in power for fifty years straight in any country? well here you get it.

    malaysian politics is in a mess. since fifty years ago, it has been ruled by an alliance of racial parties (mind you the ones that represent non-bumis are mere sidekicks) that is corrupted. affirmative action is abused to fill the politicians own pockets hence the "need" to keep it going even after 30 years.

    sodomy as a criminal offence, well thats probably religious so im not in a position to comment. but if i was charged for having anal sex, i might as well just shove a cucumber up the pm's ar.se.

    well thanks for asking but sigh... i so dont need this early in the morning. everybody will give you biased views, including myself. so mmm read the website i gave you. all other online newspapers are controlled by the government.

  • bundy
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    1 decade ago

    Now hushpuppy got it right on the button, make no mistake. Racism is running amok in that country. Mind you half the world is in the same condition. Who can we blame?

    The only thing we can do is turn the blind eye, and get on with our own miserable life and try to stay alive, and hope we can one day die with natural causes in that place.

    Source(s): Begining of this month, i have traveled from indonesia, then to Malaysia and to Singapore. The difference is unbelieveable. The condition and the level of hatred to Non-bumi is so obvious base on the population of so called bumis.
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    Racism, false charges, curropt law, curropt government..

    better you read malaysia kini for "the truth is out there" story..


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