Why do people get thumbs down for writing honest answers here on R&S so much?

Also for correct answers?

Is it simply because people are just trying to annoy others or target a specific religion or spirituality?


xapeo, Interesting concept. I don't think that is true. It isn't an accurate record of what is a more popular answer. I think the negative minded people tend to thumb down more. And some are actually harrassing peole this way.

Update 2:

Grey Tower, I didn't know that. Why do some people just want others to get less points?

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    At it's highest level, the giving of a thumbs' up or a thumbs' down is simply a way of participating and showing whether you agree or disagree with an answer.

    But if you get a Best Answer, you will also get points added for all the thumbs' up - so if you want to be really small-minded, mean and nasty, then you dish out thumbs' down to detract from the points that would be awarded to any answer you dislike or disagree with.

    When a particular religious denomination give my answers a barrage of thumbs' down, I console myself in the knowledge that I must have struck a nerve, and perhaps I'm doing something right (lol)!

    Edit: As things stand right now, if you were to award me best answer, I'd get 13 points (10 for b.a. and 3 for thumbs' up). So if you bear a grudge against an individual or a particular point of view, you can get into a thumb frenzy in a pathetic attempt to rob people of points. Sad, yes? I only award a thumbs' down when an answer is spiteful or vindictive. However, having read Sculptor's answer, I think I will mend my ways and adopt his gracious attitude. Have a thumbs' up from me!

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    Because honest answers can still be wrong. If one sincerely believes something false, then saying that false thing is being entirely honest, but it doesn't make the false thing true. For example, imagine if someone believed that 3*5 is really 17 rather than 15, and answered a mathematics question with the wrong answer based on this belief. If they honestly believe it, should we give that answer thumbs up? No. Why? Because we know it's mathematically false. The value of an answer isn't based on the standard of honesty, it's based on the standard of objective truth.

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    I will give a thumbs down if I find an answer to be nonsense.

    I have given thumbs up for answers that I don't totally agree with but have been presented in an intelligent manner.

    I refrain from giving a thumbs down if I sense that the person who posted has an emotional problem.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When people ask questions here, most of the time they are looking for either a funny answer or an answer that agrees with their point of view. Only once in a while do you find someone who is sincerely looking for wisdom or actual information. I always get tons of thumbs down when I answer questions about Islam objectively, because people who ask the questions are more often than not just looking to malign the religion and rally people to do the same.

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    Some atheists give everyone whom they think is a Christian thumbs down.

    Some Christians do the same for atheists.

    Most pagans are cool with everyone.

    Some Islamics give everyone else a thumbs down.

    Some middle schoolers are little liars and pretend to be either a Christian lunatic or a hate-filled atheist.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Some people will actually thumb down a perfect answer to make theirs seem numerically superior. People are bloody weird. I wouldn't worry about it, as thumbs down don't mean anything at all.

    I actually like thumbs down, because if somebody strongly agrees or strongly disagrees, they'll leave a thumb up or a thumb down. If they were affected enough to hit the thumb down, I just may have ruffled a few feathers and got a point through.

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    There are some people who Absolutely hate religion and the Christians on this website are not the only targets for a thumbs down you know.

  • 3 years ago

    nicely, some people have stalkers that dislike them and it is not significant what they pronounced it could be an computerized thumbs down. i assume they determine their finished existence circles around those dumb thumbs and that they could in basic terms be overwhelmed in the event that they have been given a thumbs down. it is style of humorous truly.

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    It seems that people give thumb downs easier than thumb ups.

    I do not pay too much attention to that. Some people just want to spoil this community atmosphere

    There are people, like you, that I am pretty confident, that I could always give a thump up : )

  • xapao
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    1 decade ago

    this is a popularity contest...your thumbs up/down depends on the belief of majority online users

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