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i have a few questions about my first driving ticket?

okay. so im 16 and i live in ohio and i have had my license for almost 5 months. i got pulled over last weekend.

there is me, my boyfriend, and another couple in my car and my friend and her boyfriend in the car behind me. we are on our way to homecoming. i get on the highway and im switching lanes. going about 75 and i had my turn signal on but i switched over two lanes. as im switching and i reach the far lane i see a cop outside his car with his radar gun. he gets in and he starts following us. after like 3 minutes of him following us and me panicking, he turns on his lights. my friend and i both pull over because we were following each other and werent really sure which one he was pulling over (we realize now that we probably BOTH shouldnt have pulled over but we didnt know). The cop comes up to her car and asks if shes with me and shes says yes. He then comes up to my car and he goes

"do you know what i pulled you over for?"

"because i was going over the speed limit"

he goes "well actually i have you clocked at 74, but i was more concerned about why you were cutting in between lanes so closely, causing your friend to do the same thing"

and im thinking to myself, dont blame this all on me.. my friend has her own mind she can make her own decisions when driving its not MY fault. Then he asks me for my license. talks to my friend. comes back 8 minutes later with a paper for me to fill out concerning whos the owner, my mom and dads names and numbers. ect. he goes back to his car and another cop pulls up. they begin talking and smiling and laughing. after about 15 more minutes the cop comes back for our papers. he then yells at me because its a law in ohio that if your 16 your not allowed to have more than one other person in the car. and i had 3. but he didnt get me for that. he goes back to his car, and someone on the other side of the highway breaks down. after sitting in there car for 10 minutes waiting to see if the cop would come over to help them they get out and begin to walk. the two cops, laughing, get on their loud speaker and say "GO BACK TO YOUR CAR, YOU KNOW, THE THING WITH FOUR WHEELS". He finally comes back to my car with my "sitation" and says my court date is october 6th. He had us pulled over for over an hour, knowing we were on our way to homecoming, we couldnt even go out to eat at olive garden we had to turn around and go to applebees and we were still 25 minutes late. as im driving to applebees my mom called because the cop called her. im crying and shes just like well he called and told me about it and then she said she asked what a sitation was and he raises his voice saying.. "ITS ON THE BACK OF THE PAPER". and my mom said its almost as his he tried to call her before i got the chance, just to tell on me and get me in trouble. she was mad at him more then me, expecially after i told her how long he had me pulled over.

so i have a few questions and i was wondering if you could answer any of these, even one, it would be greatly appreciated.

- The cop never asked me for my registration and unsurance. he only asked for my license and the only reason he saw my registration was because when he asked me the year of my car, i didnt know if it was a 98 or 99. so i was wondering if he could get in trouble for not checking to make sure i have insurance?

- could he get in trouble for his smart remarks? should i bring them up in court?

- i was wondering how long it usually takes to give a ticket, and if he knew i was going to homecoming, that its outrageous that i was pulled over for an hour and that he was bullshitting with another cop and smiling and laughing, you think i should mention that in court and if i do you think it will help my cause?

- i got a ticker for acda. he never explained it. thats assured cleared distance something right?

i have to go tell my story to the mayor of that city. i happen to know his daughter lol but i wont mention that. hopefully he wont make me pay in money or put points on my license, my mom thinks if i get lucky i will only have to pay in pop cans or pay cans of food to a shelter or something


i also have another question. i was wondering if he didnt put something on my ticket, such as the speed or how many people i had in my car, if that can be used against me.

and for the first person who replied, i wasnt asking to be lectured, i was telling my side of the story, and asking questions that i was uncertain about.

i undersatnd how fast i was driving, but trust me im not the first person to drive that fast. i definately am more carefull now. and you werent there so you have no idea as to what entirely happened. if i was able to get over and my friend was able to get over as well, then there sure as hell was enough room, its her that should get in trouble more because she squeezed in behind me.

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    So you're not ashamed of getting a ticket? And you regard it as your "first ticket", one of many that you expect to earn in your future driving years?

    OK, so you are apparently entirely unaware that you are soooooo lucky.

    Lucky you're alive.

    Lucky the officer ticketed you for only one of the NUMEROUS offenses that could have had you paying tickets and trying to find someone willing to insure you for years to come.

    Look up the word "citation".

    Lucky you're alive.

    You would like somehow to make it the officer's fault that you are an inconsiderate, inexperienced, and dangerous driver. How many laws did you break? How fast were you going? How many were in the car? You crossed over HOW many lanes doing 75? Your level of maturity is obvious in every aspect of this circus, but your willingness to treat the highway as part of your homecoming event means that the serious drivers on that road don't want you on it with them. So, I hope I am not the first to tell you that you need to quit your attacking and whining and know that you are lucky that your surviving friends and family were not attending funerals 2 days later. If Mom is willing to gloss this over and protect her baby, then maybe she will still get the opportunity to attend your funeral or sit by your bedside hoping you pull out of a coma. Maybe she will get to change your diapers while you live out the rest of your days in a hospital bed at home. The whole darned bunch of you need a little brush with reality.

    As for Ohio troopers, they are not known for their sensitivity. They are arrogant, often ignorant, a pretty all around rude lot. Get over it. This isn't about them. It's about you, little girl.

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