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Gta vice city--cap collecotor mission?

Hi, Can anybody tell me, how to get the cap collector mission, as I already bought all the assests, and completed 53%, but still not finding it.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    To make the final missions available to you, you must complete a few prerequisites. Once these conditions are met, you will receive a phone call telling you to arrive at the Printworks (be careful, some people miss the phonecall and don't realise it - in this case just head down to the Printworks to see if there's a pink marker for you). At any rate, to unlock the final missions, you must:

    • Purchase, and then complete the Printworks mission string.

    • Complete all Vercetti missions.

    • Complete any five other assets.

    There's a few ways to check to see what of this you've done if you can't remember.

    • Make sure there is a Printworks icon (user posted image) on your radar/map. If not, you still need to purchase it.

    • Visit the Printworks and see if you're generating money via a money icon out the front of the business. If you are, you've completed the Printworks mission string and the first of the above three prerequisites. If you're not, there should be a pink marker waiting for you to activate another mission for the Printworks. Once you've done all the missions for the Printworks, you'll be notified that the mission string is complete and that you are now making money.

    • Do the same for Vercetti Estate (user posted image), and five other assets. You must have completed the whole mission string and must be generating money from the Printworks, Vercetti Estate and five other businesses. It may help to write them down, and cross the assets off as you do them. For reference's sake, you must complete the Printworks mission 'Hit the Courier'. You must complete the Vercetti mission 'Copland', and you must complete five of the below asset's missions (you must pass every mission for each of the five assets you choose) , meaning you may fail to complete only two assets.

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  • 1 decade ago

    check whether you have completed all asset properties(boatyard,cherry popper ice cream factory,kaufman cabs,car show room races,malibu club,print works,film studio,pole position).if u had finished these asset missions u will get the revenue from respective properties.then after sometime u will get a phone call from lance.

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