I need to know the name of this old boat movie?

ok this movie is not Titanic OR The Poseidon Adventure or Poseidon

the movie is about a boat that gets flipped upside down and there is people on board but no water enters the boat and the people for many years live on the boat growing plants etc etc. until one day a person dives underwater and sees this and he/she is amazed and could not believe their eyes

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    Goliath Awaits (1981 TV miniseries)

    Wikipedia summary:

    In 1939, the luxury British ocean liner Goliath, carrying 1,860 passengers, is hit by a torpedo fired by a U-boat and sinks while on a trans-Atlantic crossing to the United States three days after the outbreak of World War II. Scientists aboard a research ship discover the wreck of the Goliath in 1981 lying upright in 1,000 feet of water. Divers sent down to investigate the wreck, including oceanographer Peter Cabot (Mark Harmon), hear banging and music coming from the ship and are shocked to see a face at a porthole. They discover 337 survivors and their descendants living in an air bubble in the wreck. The residents of Goliath, who have invented some technologies to help them survive, live in a utopian society under the leadership of John McKenzie (Christopher Lee). The scientists are surprised to discover that McKenzie and some of the ship's residents are not interested in being rescued. Complicating things, the Goliath was carrying some sensitive documents to U.S. President Roosevelt. A joint American/British military team is sent by Admiral Wiley Sloan (Eddie Albert) to retrieve and destroy the documents.

    Also in the cast are Duncan Regehr, Emma Samms, Frank Gorshin, John Carradine, Robert Forster, Jean Marsh, John McIntire and Jeanette Nolan (real-life husband and wife), and Alan Fudge.

    Here's one place it's available:



    Thanks to "Goliath Awaits", Canadian actor Duncan Regehr netted many new fans! Seeing him in the ads was the main reason I tuned in for this two-part miniseries. I still have it on videotape!

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    I do not know the name of the movie, but still, it is not -Leprechaun in the hood-, as this movie has been launched in 2000, not in the 80s, as you say, and the summary is totally otherwise than you say. Sorry I could not help ya. Just wanted to say, to not watch the leprechaun, as it is horror. (perhaps I am wrong).

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