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要作篇about melarmine ge文,,help!

situation: i am a reporter

report the detail of milk scandal

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Since the milk were found melarmine on Set, 2008. The scandal spread across the boarder.

    At the early of the scandal. The brand of the mainland milk were found melarmine. Which is a chemical wild used for plastic and industrial purpose. The protein ingredient will raises the sixfold as normal when the milk contained melarmine.

    Melarmine is a posion which is harmful for the health. Hundren of thousand babies were diagnose for kidney stone after drining the tainted milk. Even the milk powder and candies were examined and found there are contaniment by melarmine.

    Four babies died has been reported. The number of babies affected is sharply raising. The parents took their children to hospital for checking. However, the capacity of handled is limited. Most of the suspect kidney stone babies are still waiting for Ultrasound check. Some parents with their child is queueing outside the hospital as early as 3 am.

    Five producers of the tainted milk were arrested and under custody. Some officials dismissed since the scandal.

    For protection of the citizens healthy. Taiwan, Singapore has banned the import of the milk related products from mainland. Taiwan is planning to send a group of expert to China for investigration, the PRC government approved.

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