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Crises in North Africa

European powers competed fiercely for colonies in North Africa. Before the First World War, two international crises and one local war took place there.

First Moroccan Crisis(1911): Conflicts over Morocco occurred again between France and Germany in 1911. Since Britain supported France, Germany lost again.

Italy-Turkey War(1911-1912): BothItaly and Turkey wanted colonies in North Africa. They fought a war in 1911-1912. Turkey was defeated

Crises in the Balkans

The Balkans was a group of small states in Southern Europe. The people there belonged to many different races and religions, but they were all ruled by Turkey. When Turkey began to decline in the 19th century, European powers, like Russia and Austria-Hungary, tried to expand into the Balkans.

Before the First World War, one international crisis and two local wars took placein the Balkans.

Bosnian Crisis(1908): In 1908, Austria annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina. This angered Serbia and Russia, since they wanted to have the same places as well.

Balkan Wars(1912 and 1913): In 1912 and 1913, two wars broke out in the Balkans. After the wars, Sebia became very powerful. It threatened Austrain expansion into the Balkans. So Austria had to crush Serbia.

Ever since Austria annexed Bosnia in 1908, the people in the Balkans hated the Austrians very much . Then on 28 June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, and his wife visited Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia. There, they were shot and killed by a Serb. This was the famous Sarajevo Incident. It set off the Firdt World War.

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    危机在北非欧洲力量剧烈地争夺殖民地在北非。 在第一次世界大战之前,二次国际危机和一场地方战争发生了那里。 第一次摩洛哥Crisis (1911) : 在1911年冲突在摩洛哥上再发生了在法国和德国之间。 因为英国支持法国,德国再丢失了。意大利土耳其战争(1911-1912) : BothItaly和土耳其在北非想要殖民地。 他们在1911-1912进行了一场战争。 土耳其被击败了 危机在巴尔干巴尔干是一个小组小状态在南欧。 那里人民属于许多不同的种族和宗教,但是他们全部是由土耳其统治的。 当土耳其开始在19世纪,欧洲力量下降,象俄国和奥地利匈牙利,设法扩展进入巴尔干。在第一次世界大战之前,一次国际危机和二场地方战争采取了placein巴尔干。波西尼亚的Crisis (1908) : 在1908年,奥地利吞并了波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那。 这愤怒的塞尔维亚和俄国,因为他们想有原处。巴尔干战争(1912年和1913) : 在1912年和1913年,二场战争在巴尔干发生了。 在战争以后, Sebia变得非常强有力。 它威胁了Austrain扩展进入巴尔干。 因此奥地利必须击碎塞尔维亚。 自那以后奥地利在1908年吞并了波斯尼亚,人民在巴尔干非常恨奥地利人。 然后在1914年6月28日,大公爵弗朗兹・费迪南德,奥地利王位和他的妻子的继承人参观了萨拉热窝,波斯尼亚的首都。 在那里,他们由塞尔维亚人射击并且杀害。 这是著名萨拉热窝事件。 它引起了Firdt世界大战。

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