pronounciation, 尾音連著前面個音讀


例如is a會讀i sa

was up讀wa sup

咁讀what is果時, what既尾音係類似一個c咁既音, what is可唔可以讀做wha cis?

其實連唔連音有無一個標準同規定嫁? 定係只要自己讀落覺得ok就可以?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Actually, this is a stuff related to phonetics, which is an item that you cannot learn from your school (it is

    out of the syllabus).

    Your question is related a pronunciation skill called 'linking'.

    The definition of it is, when the starting letter of the second word is a vowel sound, the two words should be linked together in pronunciation.

    (Vowel sound could be meant as starting with vowel letters A, E, I, O, U)

    Examples :

    - Wake up --> Wake (k)up

    - First of all --> First (t)of (f)all

    - What is it --> What (t)is (s)it

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