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transfer-graphic design major?

I'm a pcc student , and i want to transfer to csu as a graphic design major.

I don't know which csu is the best for me to transfer,

but i planning to transfer to cal poly pomona, which is my first choice...

is there anyone who can give me more advises or information about cal poly's graphic design??

or other csu for this major that can easily find a job right after graduate??



thx pinky ^ ^

r u majoring in 服裝飾品 in CA??

or u graduated , and moved bk to TW??

i heard about all these three cal states, but i'm still got bothering from those three @@

what do you think about this major??/ is it eay to find a job>? in TW or LA??


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    Hi, there....

    some of my friends went to PCC too, nice to meet U

    Well, speaking of graphic design,

    according to my personal and friends' experience,

    i would recommend you CSU fullerton, CSU long beach or your 1st choice, Cal Poly Pomona

    these 2 schools are famous for their engineering and computer science colleges

    Good Luck for your application *.*

    from PinKy

    2008-09-29 19:34:18 補充:

    if you need my advice, I would recommend the 1st choice is Cal Poly.

    haha *.*

    But it still depends on your need.

    2008-09-29 19:36:03 補充:

    I have graduated from Cal State 3 years ago.

    my major is marketing, MBA

    After working for a PR organization and TV station for 3 years, I moved back to TW in this april, 2008.

    Source(s): from PinKy
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    are you asking for translation or advices? if it's the latter, you should check with your academic advisor(s). he or she will be in a better position to answer your questions.

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