Christians: What if YOU'RE wrong?

Okay, this isn’t about what happens when you die—it’s about what happens when OTHER people die. What if they’re just dead? What if you never get to tell them how you feel, to make amends, or to make them proud? What if when they die, it’s just over? Are squandering your chance to let people know that you love them because you think that you’ll get to fix it all in heaven? This isn’t about whose religion is right or wrong, it’s about how you choose to live your life. Is your religion’s promise of an afterlife keeping you from being as good, loving, and wonderful a person as you should be while you’re still here because you think you'll get to make up for it later?


I'm thinking mainly of the people (of many faiths, actually) who say at funerals something like: "I know he's watching me, and I'm gonna make him so proud!" Also, it's a turnaround of Pascal's Wager, so simply turning it back around into Pascal's Wager isn't really an answer.

Update 2:

Once more, I have heard Pascal's Wager. Repeating it back to me is nothing more than an "I know you are but what am I?" answer. (BTW, that's the old "What have you got to lose by believing in God" question, for those of you who have heard it and/or used but don't know what it's called.)

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    I always tell the people I love how I feel about them. I try to make amends right away on the rare occurrence when I might have offended another. I know the people who love me are immeasurably proud of me right now, and I'm proud of myself.

    You're making a mistake by assuming that Christians as a group are all waiting around to die and be in heaven where everything is perfect and we get to play on harps all day....when in reality, Christians are individuals like everyone else. We have both good and bad days, good and bad relationships, daily struggles and joys, etc.

    Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps at least a few Christians are living life to its fullest right now...? As St. Iraeneus of Lyon said, "The glory of God is man fully alive." I embrace that idea.


    If a person says at a funeral that "I'm going to make him so proud," that does not in any way mean that they think the deceased might not already be proud. Maybe it would be more correct to say, "I'm going to do my best to continue to make him proud," but at a funeral, no one really knows what to say, anyway.

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    4 years ago

    It all depends on how you want to roll the dice... There are 4 possible outcomes. #1. There is no God, so there is no reason to believe in God; Consequence: You act as if there is no "higher authority", get away with as much as civil law will allow you, and fade into the dim memory of time. Since there is no existence after death, there is no memory; you miss out on nothing. #2. There is no God, but you believe anyway. You live a "Christian" lifestyle where you seek to do good in the world anyway. Consequence: You and your fellow man are enriched by your choice. When you die, there is no judgment, no knowledge or memory to carry forward. You miss out on nothing, but society has been enriched by your kindness. You gain nothing, but are remembered until the sun goes supernova. #3. There is a God. You choose to not believe. God's judgment descends upon you in the next life and you end up paying for an eternity for a few years of hedonistic pleasure. #4. There is a God. You choose to believe and follow His commandments. You live the Christian life and serve your fellow man. You reap the rewards of being a good and faithful servant for all eternity. Those are the only possibilities that can exist. The consequences are clear. No matter what you choose, you will live a better life and be remembered for that life by living the "Christian" ethic. If there is a God, you will be rewarded. If there isn't, then it doesn't matter.

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    I would suggest that Christians who view the afterlife as an excuse to waste this life ARE wrong. The Christian message doesn't tell people to squander their chance to let people know you love them or make amends or make them isn't about what religion you IS about how you choose to live your life.

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    My worst fear is the slaughter of millions for the sake of a god and afterlife that do not exist. Forget just who you haven't said goodbye to - how about everything you trusted God to fix, everyone you trusted God to resurrect after death, all destroyed for false promises? This is why those following a Pascal's wager have to follow it in BOTH directions.

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    Because I believe what the Bible says. Also, about your additional details. I do not believe that our loved ones are truly looking down at us watching us. If they are in Heaven, they are in a place of Glory, and I think that it would sadden them too much to see what is going on. That is just my opinion though.

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    I wish I could help you believe that God exist and I know for a fact that he does...but EVEN if I am wrong then its okay I would rather living the Christian life because it bring joy to my day knowing that I am believing in something, and that something it just what I need and I love that feeling. If I am wrong then I don't want to be right...and guess what

    I truly believe that I am right! Wouldn't you rather be wong but yet careful because you sound so unsure...If you want to taste the sweetest cake ever then TRY Jesus I promise you will forever desire to live for him...Taste it!

  • To me, because i am a christian...

    i dont know about the others,

    but i was actually filled up with the holy spirit(im not lying)

    he has great powers,

    but about people dying and stuff,

    i believe that people dont die,

    but when they do,

    they wait for the end of the earth,

    so god can judge us.

    yeah, you might disagree...

    but watever.

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    1 decade ago

    uh, actually my promise of an afterlife makes me a more good,loving, and wonderful person, infact it kepps me out of trouble. We can't let them know how we feel unless we wither die ourselves later or say it before they die.

    It's like I say, if christians are right, we go to heaven and live in a perfect world, if athiests are right, we share your fate, big woop, however, if athiests are wrong, you sadly perish in hell forever, so basiclly a christian has a better chance of a good death than an athiest, lol

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    No, you're right. Now's the time to do things right, preferably God's way. When we die we do not go to heaven. We go straight to Hell. Hell is the grave, not a burning inferno we've been taught to believe.

    Like you mentioned, we are on a time limit. God will resurrect us all (we can be resurrected because Christ died for our sins; otherwise, we're dead for all eternity), but God will judge us before He has to start throwing people into the lake of fire. Everything you do in this life and the resurrected life, you will be held accountable to God.

    So it pays to do good.

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    Regardless of whether or not there is an afterlife, it is utterly stupid to assume that you can simply make amends in heaven. I have never heard a Christian propose such nonsense, but I have no doubt that many do.

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