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i need help with this.. PLEASE!?

hi.. well my english teacher told me to do an investigation about this..

for example..

ms martinez and mr zapata are married.

ms martinez has a little daughter, michelle, she lives with his father mr salinas.

mr zapata has two sons, alberto and jorge, they live with his ex.wife

ms martinez and mr zapata are expecting a new baby girl but three months earlier they adopted a little girl they named her angelina

michelle is jorge and alberto's step-sister

so.. this is the question..


i answered that she was her sister (legally) ......adopted sister

but my teacher says it's half-sister..

she told me to investigate that.. is it half.sister or just sister.. or adopted sister.. or what?

please HELP!

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    Your teacher is correct.

    A half sister/brother is what you call the child of just one of your parents but not both.

    A sister/brother is a child from BOTH parents or adopted.

    Angelina will be a sister to the child ms martinez and mr zapata are expecting.

    The child ms martinez and mr zapata are expecting will also be a step brother/sister to Michell, Jorge and Alberto.

    hope that helps.

    Source(s): a very large and extended family.
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