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where can I buy solar plates and a windmill in the philippines near laguna only?

Pls help me...tnx

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    In Laguna, I don't have any idea. You can purchase Solar panels at Raon, Quaipo in Manila. But you will need a controller for it to work seem less. There is a supplier in San Juan though, I forgot the name but they are listed. They carry solutions for Solar and Wind generated electricity, can find them in Annapolis St., they are searchable over the net.

    If you are looking for windmills the size of ones in Ilocos, you have to try Netherlands.

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  • 1 decade ago

    solar plates you can buy in quiapo, P1000+ 1 panel/6 volts, P3500+ 1 panel/12 volts, much cheaper than those you can buy at ACE hardwares. as for the windmill, I haven't got a idea. I just installed a solar panel so i can save on electricity, we use it as a night light for my 5 year old kid.

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  • 3 years ago

    many internet website now u might desire to purchase from i assume philippines want each physique to be nun and priest Phlilppines be like Japan or u . s . a . i know it a three years old question if u nevertheless looking google it and u will locate many and that i additionally understand u will say i understand to me

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