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Was this just a slip of the tongue? Or more?

You are aware, probably, that Barack Obama lost his bearings recently and said that he was going to campaign in all 57 states.

And everybody chalked it up to, 'Well, he's tired.'

You know, this is a Dan Quayle moment. I mean, Dan Quayle goes out there and misspells 'potato,' and we still hear jokes about it.

Barack Obama says he's gonna go out and campaign in 57 states, he was just tired, you know, it's been such a long campaign, he's been so many places, he probably thinks there are 57 states.

I have here a link to a web site called the International

Humanist and Ethical Union . And here is how the second paragraph of an article on that website begins.

"Every year from 1999 to 2005 the organization of the Islamic

conference representing the 57 Islamic states presented a resolution

to the United Nations Commission on human rights called combating."

check it out!!

Obama said he's going to campaign in 57 states, and it turns out that

there are 57 Islamic states. So did Obama just lose his bearings, or was this a more telling slip, ladies and gentlemen?

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    Obama is in over his head. It must be difficult to keep track of his loyalties and commitments when they're so divided. Very good observation to the connection!

    The following links will clarify the longterm intent.

    The Muslim Brotherhood New International Economic Order

    Bailout: It’s all part of the New International Economic Order


    Trilateral Commission:

    World Shadow Government

    "The Commission's purpose is to engineer an enduring partnership among the ruling classes of North America, Western Europe and Japan -- hence the term 'Trilateral' -- in order to safeguard the interests of Western capitalism in an explosive world. The private commission is attempting to mold public policy and construct a framework for international stability in the coming decades.

    "To put it simply, Trilateralists are saying: The people, governments and economies of all nations must serve the needs of multinational banks and corporations.

    "In short, Trilateralism is the current attempt by ruling elites to manage both dependence and democracy -- at home and abroad."


    According to Goldwater: "Rockefeller and Brzezinski found Carter to be their ideal candidate. They helped him win the Democratic nomination and the presidency.

    "To accomplish this purpose they mobilized the money-power of the Wall Street bankers, the intellectual influence of the academic community -- which is subservient to the wealth of the great tax-free foundations -- and the media controllers represented in the membership of the CFR and the Trilateralists."

    (The aforementioned CFR -- Council on Foreign Relations -- is another Rockefeller-financed foreign policy pressure group similar to the Trilateralists and the Bilderberg group, although the CFR is composed solely of American citizens.)

    (In his book The Carter Presidency and Beyond, published in 1980 by the Ramparts Press, Prof. Laurence H. Shoup devotes an entire chapter to demonstrating how the Trilateral-linked and Trilateral-controlled Establishment media promoted the presidential candidacy in 1976 of the then-obscure Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter.)

    Carter, of course, campaigned as a "populist" -- as a "man of the people" -- as an "outsider" with no ties to the Establishment. The fact is, however, Carter, who said he'd never lie, was an elitist, an insider, the Trilateral Commission's "man on the white horse."

    And with the power of the commission and the Rockefeller empire and its media influence behind him, Carter made his way to the presidency, establishing the first full-fledged Trilateral administration, appointing numerous Trilateralists to key policymaking positions and carrying out the Trilateral agenda to the hilt. (See accompanying stories.)

    Former members of the Trilateral Commission in public service:

    BUSH, George H W: President of the United States

    DARMAN, Richard C: Director, Office of Management and Budget

    EAGLEBURGER, Lawrence S: Acting Secretary of State

    GREENSPAN, Alan: Chair, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve Sys

    HILLS, Carla A: Trade representative

    RICE, Donald B: Secretary of the Air Force

    SCOWCROFT, Brent: Asst to the Pres for National Security Affairs


    And this is why I am writing in Ron Paul. He is the only one who has told the truth about finances and future intent in our nation.

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    Hmmmm, quite interesting. His followers are blind. Theyre just going with the new fad. I cant quite agree that it could be some kind of muslim slip up, though I wouldnt doubt it, but to really think about it.... he messed up by adding SEVEN extra states....thats fishy!

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    I think it was a slip of the real truth of his education showing through we all know none of his records are being released. Palen was catching it for not turning other her tax records. He hasn't even turned over a birth certificate.(other than a fake one) None of his college records or anything else. but it's okay he so coool

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    i dont understand why islam has anything to do with the election. as far as i understand we have the right to any religion in this country, whether it be christianity, satanism, islam, or the church of the flying spaghetti monster. the man is human; just as human as you, me, and john mccain, let's worry about the politics and not split hairs

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  • Like OMG that must be it!! He *IS* a secret Muslim! We're all doomed I tell you, doooooomed.

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    Obama rocks. Right now, at this very minute the Debate is going on. Obama will put the smack-down on McCain.

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    your a smart man I will add this to my list for not voting for Obama

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    It really makes no difference either way. His followers are so blind that they don't want to see the truth about anything concerning him. All they want to see is his "charisma".

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    hog wash.

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