Why do people think that grocery stores have good dog food?

I don't get it. I mean Grocery stores don't have good dog food at all. They are junk dog food.

I used to think that grocery stores had good dog food for my dog until they got allergies from it. Now I know better and feed dog food without corn,wheat and by-products and stuff ands they don't have the allergies they had.

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    Because grocery stores supply *us* with (usually) healthy food- why not our pets?

    Not to mention people have dogs that have been on Ol'Roy or a brand similar to it and those dogs have 'thrived'. My fathers dog has been on Purina since she was a puppy, and even when he tried Canidae at my request, she seemed to grow sluggish and unhappy. I was astounded!

    Its really a matter of what is available. It may not be a case of "good dog food" its the case of "good dog food within price ranges".

    If larger brand companies like Canidae or Wellness would drop their prices so that people aren't spending more on dog food than they are on their own groceries (I know I am!) it probably wouldn't be an issue.

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    I think that most people just aren't aware of the other options. I mean, you're at the grocery store, you get your own food and you pick up a bag of Purina for Fido.

    I was disgusted when I visited my parents and found a bag of Alpo in the pantry. My mom insisted that, since they live in a small town, there was nothing else available. I went on Google and within 30 seconds had found a high-quality pet food store that is actually closer than the grocery store!

    People just need to be educated about their options, and as long as the big companies are advertising on TV, it's not going to happen.

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    Well i make my dog food like a little chicken in the dog food but i know that the pet stores are better then the other but i think people think they are just the same because they have the same thing on the label.

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    Even some of the pet supply stores out there carry poor quality dog food. It wasn't until I went to this website that I found that most of the foods I was feeding in the past are at the lowest rating.....people are influenced by advertising and their vets.

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    1. Some foods are expensive (i.e. Beneful,Purina ONE ect.) so they think it is good.

    2. It says 'Nutritionally complete'.

    3. 'It's just dog food.'

    4. It has pretty colors and shaped that the PEOPLE like. Dogs could careless about the color/shape.

    5. They don't know any better.

    6. They don't know of any other places to get food.

    7. 'If it is sold at a store, it must be edible.'

    8. 'My dog likes it.' Well duh! The dog is hungry!

    9. 'My vet reccomends it.' (I.E. Iams,Eukanuba, Science Diet are very common)

    10. They could careless about what the dog eats!

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    because people go by the stereotype that you give your dog food from the supermarket. its just what everyone else does so its 'normal' and 'good for him'. the grocery store brands put labels on their packets like 'all natural' and 'recommended by vets'. people think because their dog eats it, its fine, and despite the awefull smell, they still believe the food their dog is eating is prime cuts of beef and turkey.and its cheap compared to the cost of good pet food.

    Source(s): parents are vets, im dog obsessed.
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    1 decade ago

    I dont think it has much good food, but then again sometimes they sell the same food the vets sell. Does that mean vets are selling bad food or does that mean the grocery sells some good food and some bad food.

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    1 decade ago

    That's whyPurina spends millions of dollars advertising. Most of the grocery store stuff is grain....GRAIN ...dogs are carnivores and need meat.

  • 1 decade ago

    Becuz they are not as smart as you and I...

    they go based on advertisement and tv..

    take care

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