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Story Idea..Highschool quarterback flirt with girl?

Alright so I was watching a movie earlier and there was a football game, so it inspired me to write a story about this, highshool artsy kind of girl who falls in love with the quarterback of the football team..

lol I know soo "she's all that" :] But theres no betting and the guy isn't a stuck up.., they really fall for each other.

So shes at the game and keeps looking at the guy..And I'm kind of stuck..Whats a way that the quarterback could flirt with her while half time or something...I thought about winking but that's too cocky...and idk and hes the charismatic, southern gentleman type.

So any suggestions, ideas? I really want something that everybody in the game could notice and be in awe. Something flirty and sweet lol that could want my readers wish they were the girl at that moment...

Meanwhile I'll be thinking of some more ideas..


hahaha "asdfjkl" I thought the same exact thing!!!! =D

The over shoulders, mouthing "this ones for you" whole thing..

Ive seen it in a movie but I don't remember..

And Lynci I really like your idea! Very cute :]

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    That is SO stereotypical and predicable. Unless you change something big in that "story" plot you're falling into the pit of a bad author without real life experience. Think up something new.

    Read "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" for another view of that story.

  • Lynci
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    There would be a huge crowd at the game, and surely the quarterback would be concentrating upon playing and winning the game. At half-time the players meet with the coaches, so the quarterback is not likely going to become involved with the girl during half-time. However, the team would have to leave the field by some route, and, since it's a high school game, you might have the girl using the same route in order to go the bathroom or buy refreshments and just have the quarterback run into her, knocking her down. Being the gentleman which you say he is, he would be appalled and would stop to help her up and to apologize, and their eyes would meet; a spark would pass between them, but he would need to join his teammates, so he would make certain that she was not injured and would then depart. He would have no idea who she really was and could wonder later how to find her again. She might be a Sophomore while he is a Senior. The conflict of your story could be the difference in their ages and in their social statuses, since he would be school's Jock, while she would be, although quite cute, a shy and studious young unknown. It's a sort of Romeo and Juliet plot, but so are most intriguing romantic entanglements!

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    Maybe the football hit her in head during the game and he, being the southern gentleman that he is, he goes over to make sure shes ok

    or maybe she is walking back to her seat with a bunch of drinks and food and she is staring at him and she trips and falls spilling all the drinks and everyone laughs, she is so embarrassed because when she gets her wits about her and gets up from the fall she realizes he was also staring at her. During half time he comes to her to make sure she is alright.

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    Alot of women flirt. We like the attention. I'm straight and I flirt with men and women. Some straight guys flirt with gay guys cuz they like getting a reaction out of someone. It doesn't mean anything.

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    Ah. I just got an idea. It'll sound kind of cheesy, but bear with me. I'm trying to help.


    It's like a big game or something and everything is on his shoulders. Before he does a big play, he looks at the crowd (directly at the girl) and says:

    "This one is for you."

    Basically dedicated it to her.

    Boom !

    It's a success and they live happily ever after.


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    He does something he only does to 'special' girls but everyone knows it means he's interested. He possibily shakes hair out of face, glances at her, and flashes a grin. Or half smile and wave.

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