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Do you think Brian Cashman regrets lying to all of us about mariano Rivera?

Or for any of his other multiple lies hes been feeding us throughout the years. Hes the one who threw Joe Torre under the bus and it was HE who should have been fired. By the way, Joe torre got his 13th post season birth in a row, one more and he sets a record. So much for you stoooopid Cashman fans.


Yogi, you sure know ur baseball. That much I can say.

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    Brian Cashman has done a horrible job. He keeps making mistakes when signing and trading for players. Jared wright. kyle farnsworth, kevin brown, Jose Contreras, Jeff weaver, Javi Vasquez and many more mistakes that he has done. He is the one that has set this tam for failure. The Yankees shouldn't bring him back. The only reason they won all those world series was because he took over the team that Gene Michaels built. Ever since he started to bring his own players since 2001, the Yankees haven't done anything.

  • Cashman threw Torre under the Bus? what are you talking about it was the Steinbrenners that wanted Torre gone not Cashman but putting up with the Steinbrenners is a tough job (especially Hank) and when you add their barking front runner fans and critical New York media it shows how good of a job Cashman has actually done to put out a winning product year after year

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    What has he lied about

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    because of all that you just said was true i would say no

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