Is there really a civil war going on between black people in the black community?

Chris Rock although a great comedian often in the slapstick sense is often overlooked as a great social commentator. Perhaps it's true what he says. There are two types of black people: black people and n**gers.

Now what tends to get reported in the media more often than not is the latter of the two people. However, with the US presidential election as evidence, perhaps that tide is slowly turning. However, there are still obstacles to the advancement of black people WORLDWIDE because of some prevalent attitudes within the community.

Now I only discuss and ask the following question because I feel like a victim of the issue we are about to debate:

Why does myself wanting to be successful and living a good life have to be viewed as 'treachery' and 'selling out' against my own race?

I am not a black nationalist and I would describe myself as fairly politically liberal. But I raise this question because I am often viewed by people I grew up with as a 'coconut'. Possible reasons vary from:

(1) I think there is more to music than just listening to one type of genre (R'n'b & Hip Hop is not the only music out there people!)

(2) I don't speak nor really feel comfortable speaking ebonics. While I live in England, I will speak ENGLISH. While I live in Kenya, I will speak swahili. Get my drift?

(3) I do not consider getting an a high level of education or learning a trade as 'corny' or 'acting white'. Last time I checked, this 'corny' education often led to people acquiring a substantial amount of sterling or dollars upon a few years after completion.

(4) No, I do not want to have 4 children before I am 25 from 4 different mothers. I like sex, but it doesn't mean I have to pay for it by not using appropiate protection and getting a nice little STD.

(5) Yes, I may have been poor while studying for my degree and you may have been earning untold amounts of 'quick money' while I was struggling, but I'll take that over a criminal record and always having to watch my back.

A lot of stereotypes, I know, but you know what they say, stereotypes often come from a lot of truth...

So is there really a civil war going on in the black community? Or am I just ranting and generalising? Because last time I checked, people were more interested in 50 cents new album than Barack Obama's views on the education system...

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    All comedians are looked over as social commentators. The fact that they make what they're saying funny is what keeps a lot of people from being able to take what's being said seriously. Even if the person has a valid point.

    No, having a Black president does not mean the tides are turning... look at the ratio of Black men and women in prison compared to other races, and the economic value of their neighborhoods.

    Most people use the word "sell out" and have no idea what they're talking about. You're only a sell out if you disregard the issues that your people as a whole have, or you side with, or conform to, to the ideals of the oppressors.

    1) Music, is an issue. Music is culturally, and historically, the main mode of communication for Blacks. So, the music is what people can relate to the most. Which is why when you put bad messages, and signals in the music, it DOES have an affect on the community. The music feeds off of the community, then puts whatever it took from the community back in. It's a cycle. As far as the genre you prefer, that has nothing to do with being a sell out.

    2) With language, you should be able to switch, just like you said. You have to be able to communicate effectively with the people around you. Talking properly doesn't make you a sell out. But at the same time you shouldn't disregard or block out what someone is saying, simply because of how they're saying what they're saying.

    3) True education is important. But, mainstream America has made it seem better to excel in other areas besides "education". That's what the purpose of integration was (for them), to extend mainstream America to the Black community - giving a false sense of equality and justice. Besides, there is a difference between being educated, and being intelligent. Education is a person's ability to repeat and memorize what they've been taught. Intelligence is a person's ability to create/improve based off of what they know/knew, when a person's knowledge is put to use.

    4) Point taken. No one really plans to have 4 children. It's the immaturity, lack of self-control, and disregard for the consequences that cause the Black family structure to be reduced to one night stands and single parent homes. On top of the STD problem, the prison system is also a part of that. Denial is a big issue there.

    5) It's good that you decided to struggle and get your degree, do things the legal way. Not everybody is that strong. Some people can, and will only take struggling for so long. And rightfully so, no one should have to struggle forever, which for some people, they either are in that position, or feel that way. The problem is the alternatives people take to struggling. Different people act differently to different situations. "Because I did it, there's no excuse for anyone else to fail." Does not work in every situation in real life. Everybody can't have a "Pursuit of Happyness" life story. It's one thing to encourage someone, but it's something completely different to make demands based on something that you were able to do. It doesn't seem like you're taking that stance, but a lot of times, Black people who come out the same way you did turn their noses up to their brothers and sisters who are still lost.

    You have to look at what Black people have been through over the past 400+ years for you to understand why many of them react the way you've described. They're reacting to a system that was developed by people who tried to destroy them (pretty much). Everyone will react to this situation differently, and pass that on to the youth. It's been going on for years. And no, none of this does or should take away from personal responsibility.

    There is a civil war going on between society, not just Black people. Not in the physical sense, but in the mental/psychological sense. People are struggling with and fighting ideals, not people. People getting hurt is just the physical evidence of that mental battle. Until people begin to see that things are bigger than their block, their city, state, etc. and see how everything is connected, we will stay in the same destructive cycle.


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    You sound like a cool guy with a good head on your shoulders. I don't know anything about the civil war issue among blacks. I am white and live in the south in the USA. I am not a bigot and I believe in equal opportunity for everyone. Neither do I believe in entitlement nor do I feel guilty for being white. The cool thing is, I think you and I are on the same page. We desire a good education and a stable, honorable career. We prefer "doing it right" to taking unwise short cuts. I think most white people are like me and I hope that most black people are like you. It sure would make life easier on everyone. By the way, I did not grow up with money and I washed pots and pans at night to pay for college. But it sure felt good when I got my degree. Good luck to you!

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    Yes my brotha there is, and there always will be. I'm a lot like you in regards to education and the things you value in life, but despite my immediate (meaning my home and my neighborhood) middle class upbringing, I hung around a lot of lower class, hard-knock places, where I made friends with those indicative of said environment. I myself have never committed any crimes, and I have two degrees, but I can relate to both sides of that aforementioned civil war. You're right, good, honest, hardworking/educated black people can't stand the you-know-whats that shine a negative light on us all, and most of those that consider you an "oreo", "coconut" or "uncle Tom" are ignorant, jealous people who weren't taught to value the right things in life. Its mainly due to their upbringing. I do however see that some black people that have "made it", tend to turn their backs on their people in order to blend into this white (pun intended) picket- fenced version of the "American dream". Those are the ones I resent, but as far as those who work hard to achieve, and celebrate not playa hate the achievements of others are fine in my book. Can't please everyone, so do what pleases you.

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    Oh my gosh can we be friends!! I'm in the same boat!!! and now I'm marrying an Italian!! so I know I will hear it!! I don't know if it is a civil war actually! But we are the most divided people!!! and for a long period of time!!! and you know what divides!!!! and wanting more out of life than hand outs or left overs!!!

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    ****@z vs black people. All time classic! Just saw it in the summer, but a lot of that is true.

    Civil war? Nah, not really. It's usually just people moving to different areas after they reach a certain level in life and such. But yeah everything white people don't like about black people, black people really don't like about black people

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    No Civil War no

    You're mostly ranting

    Obama doesn't care about black people why listen to him?

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