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Ali Velshi on CNN? Business guy?

Ali Velshi is on CNN like all day and night with the financial crisis and hurricanes. Is anyone else a fan of him too? When he explains finance my husband and I can both watch him because it doesn't go over our head. Does he have a regular show or is he only on reporting on other shows?

P.S. Anyone know how to write him a fan letter?

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    Ali Velshi is the best CNN's got on weekends! I thought I was his only fan. His CNN website has a thing on the side to e-mail the show.

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    I really admire him. One of my business professors makes us watch his show and write about it every week. After I started watching him I got to thinking that I might like to be like him as a cable business correspondent after grad school.

    FYI his show is on Sat. 1 pm

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    He gives too much opinion and just recycles the same stuff. Who is this guy? He is a drama queen.

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