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Is there anyone who got into medicine at Oxbridge with a B in your GCSE's?

Please answer honestly and tell me about any of the extra curricular activities you did.

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    Whilst the universities' websites states that you can have considerably lower grades, most people at Oxbridge have a mixture of A*s and As at GCSEs. However, if you only have one B and your other grades are A*s and As it shouldn't be a problem. You're only human!

    As for the extra-curricular activities, the important thing to remember is that Oxbridge don't actually like applicants to have too many extra-curriculars on their CV. Both universities are highly academic and having too many of these activities are seen to detract from your academic studies and your dedication to them. Having said that, as medicine is such a vocational subject, you will need to show some 'dedication' to the area if you want to be accepted. I found that most people at Oxford who studied medicine had some sort of work experience in the medical field and so it would be a good idea to get some of that. Also, you should try and follow developments in the medical field as much as possible (it will demonstrate a good level of knowledge at interview) and so I'd recommend reading some of the leading medical journals such as the British Medical Journal or the Lancet.

    Source(s): Went to Oxford
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