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what is an annual report?

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    An annual report is a document a company presents at an annual general meeting for approval by its shareholders, or a charitable organization presents its trustees. The report is made up of reports, which may include the following:

    Chairman's report

    CEO's report

    Auditor's report on corporate governance

    Mission statement

    Corporate governance statement of compliance

    Statement of directors' responsibilities

    Invitation to the company's AGM

    as well as financial statements including:

    Auditor's report on the financial statements

    Balance sheet

    Statement of retained earnings

    Income statement

    Cash flow statement

    Notes to the financial statements

    Accounting policies

    Other information deemed relevant to stakeholders may be included, such as a report on operations for manufacturing firms. In the case of larger companies, it is usually a sleek, colorful, high gloss publication.

    The details provided in the report are of use to investors to understand the company's financial position and future direction. The financial statements are usually compiled in compliance with IFRSs and/or the domestic GAAP, as well as domestic legislation (e.g. the SOX in the U.S.).

    In the United States, a more-detailed version of the report, called a Form 10-K, is submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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    An annual report is a report in which you receive once per year.

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