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Who is going to be the best of the Olympic Boxers?

Here are the boxers:

Sadam Ali

Demetrius Andrade

Shawn Estrada

Javier Molina

Gary Russell Jr

Rau'shee Warren

Deontay Wilder

Raynell Williams

Luis Yanez

For some reason, I like the Andrade kid. Russell will be good until the lights in his head goes off after a loss, a la Zab Judah.

Andrade proved alot in amateur competition. But that doesn't mean a thing. Look at Malcomn Tann.

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    I like the potential of 4 fighters from this group.

    Andrade signed a six figure promotional deal and his handlers will make sure he is handled with kit gloves until title time. But he is a multiple Gold Glove winner and Amateur world champ who was expected to win Gold. His future looks awesome.

    Shawn Estrada, with good management this kid could be the sleeper of the Olympic group and be a contender fast!

    Russell, well he's one of what, 10 Gary Russell's? His dad must be related to George Foreman. But if he can stay healthy and keep his cool he will go far.

    Wilder, big kid who is young and still learning. With the right training he can bulk up to 225-240 real easy. Good jab and good heart. With the condition of the Heavyweights he could make some noise in a couple of years.

    I have been following the Olympians since before they started the trials and this is my opinion of which ones I think will have successful careers.

    Watch out for one who didn't make the team and who's dad was a friend of mine, Michael Hunter Jr. This kid has skills, too bad he failed to qualify.

    EDIT: Also Warren if he can keep his mind on the fight and listen to his corner instead of going on cruise control will be another impact fighter.

    EDIT 2: Like blowbyblow said it was hard to even see a fight during the Olympics. C.S.N.B.C.??? AT 5 A.M???? A lot of people missed out on some talented fighters and good fights. The scoring system needs an overhaul too.

    Source(s): ex fighter and lover of the sweet science.
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    You know I like Shawn Estrada, Demetrius Andrade, and Deontey Wilder. All three have pro suited styles. Raushee Warren,Gary Russell, and Raynell Williams are also talented but they need to adjust from the amateur punch output and sit on their punches more when they turn pro.

    Bottom Line: Wilder, Andrade, and Estrada will be the ones to watch because they are coming in divisions that look very slim except Wilder, but that will make it more interesting since heavyweights fight with power not overall skill.

    Estrada - 160lbs. - That division is very slim and Pavilk will eventually move up.

    Andrade - Is perfect right at 154lbs. No more I can say on that one. No competetion except the 147 pounders moving up. Another Paul Williams very freakish at 6'1 and I think his reach is around 77-80in.

    Wilder - Already explained his situation.

    All also needs good management.......

    Source(s): Amateur Middleweight Boxer and avid boxing fan.
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    Raynell Williams

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    Andrade has the best chance but the real star is not from the american team, its gonna be Korobov. Watch this kid make his mark

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    I am sorry to say that I could not pick out one American fighter if I had to I was not able to see any of the Olympias in my area the first time in my life

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