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Republicans - who is that last fiscally responsible president your party has produced?

It's an honest question. Who is the last Republican president who you think was truly fiscally responsible?

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    bush and if u don't like it u can leave, if u r not from here beware because the big dog is coming threw

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    Can't recall any in recent times, but to be fair, Republican presidents have been met with challenges that require lots of money. 9/11, airline bailout, katrina, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc... all of that was on Bush's plate. Granted he put two of those items on there, but even still, take away Iraq and Afghanistan and that money could be paying off this bailout today. Still wouldn't have allowed him to balance the budget.

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    Clinton used the line item veto... to control the budget and he shut down the Government 3 times when he didn't agree with the Republican led Congress. He was not going to let them run the budget in to the Red. He was set on balancing the budget.

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    Bush Jr. The debt below Bush develop into led to by using events that no person would have controlled or anticipated: --9-11 --Florida hurricanes --hurricane Rita/Katrina --Mississippi flooding --Indian Ocean tsunami --Iran earthquakes The wealth created by using the Bush Tax cuts helped pay for all of those, lots so as that the CBO projected in 2001 that the tax cuts would have paid off the entire national debt in 8 years in the event that they hadn't got here approximately. (historic past is genuinely no longer type to liberals. existence has to truly suck for them.)

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    Arguably George Bush Sr.

    The economic effects of presidents usually don't come into effect until the next president's term or later.

    Clinton's first term looked good financially, but it wasn't because of his own actions.

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    George H.W. Bush

    and by the way, presidents do not have the power over the budget or taxes. That's congress's job.

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    fiscally responsible president is an oxymoron

    Source(s): Clinton was lucky to be President during the dot com day and the internet revolution.
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    None sense Eisenhower. But even then it was starting to get shaky.

    Source(s): That's why I dunped the repubies & became a card carrying member of our Libertarian party.
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    Congress controls the purse.

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    er... Nixon... he was just a crook though...

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