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請問”To what extent ”的用法....20!!

請問"To what extent "的用法........

和" under what circumstances "的用法




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    to what extent 到什麼程度 how much how many How serious to what degree

    To what extent will the budget have to be modified?

    To what extent do you think he's aware of the problem?

    To what extent does idealism improve on naive realism and representative realism?

    Under what circumstances在什麼情況(條件)下

    Under what circumstances might conscription be


    Under what circumstances is the Administrator password not

    required when launching the Recovery Console?

    Under what circumstances should the Constitution be amended?


    Under the circumstances we can't leave Mary.

    under any circumstances

    under no circumstances

  • John
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    1 decade ago

    To what extent does your region conduct Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessments on a regular basis?

    Under what circumstances will activate your planning?

  • Jen
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    to what extent 是說到什麼程度. 多少.

    to what extent is the media responsible for violence in america

    媒體應該對發生在美國的暴力(事件)負責到什麼程度. or


    under what circumstances 表示在什麼情況下.

    under what circumstances should I report to you.


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