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Blood Type Test... ?

I need to know what type blood I have but I'm very afraid of needles. Is there any way to get the blood besides being pricked with a needle on the finger? Like a cut or something?

I know I sound silly but I'm really afraid of needles. Please don't say it doesn't hurt or it hardly hurts because it isn't the pain that scares me. I really dislike that something is puncturing my skin and going in my skin. I don't care about the pain at all...

Even reading about getting shots or pricked makes me start to breath quickly and get scared.

I know to find out I probably will have to be pricked with a needle. I must be in denial...


I'm applying for this program thing to go to another country and it asks for my blood type on one of the sheets.

Update 2:

I'm especially afraid of being pricked with a needle on the underside of my arms, legs, and on my hands...I don't know why...Even seeing needles in newspapers freaks me out...

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    not many reasons for needing to know ur blood type.. so why do u need to know? u probably dont need to know anyway and can save urself a needle.. well its still not really necesarry as if u did need blood the hospital would check ur blood type then regardless of u telling them what ur blood type is as its too improtant to rely on the patients recall and if u give the wrong type its pretty disarterous so options are.. ask the people who run the scheme if its needed as ur needle phobic and they might say u dont have to have it.. or get it done but get some valium from ur doc first. or suck it up and do it

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    You should know your blood type, it's very important in case you are in accident and you need blood etc. ( hope that never happens). I am a blood donor, yes, scared of needles ( a lot of people are) but just be brave and take a friend along with you or your mum and it would be over before you even know it.

    Go to the website below, maybe it would help you... but I can tell you, there is no other way to test your blood other then that.

    Good Luck!

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    I'm a medical assistant and to be completely honest with you being pricked in the finger is really nothing (unless you want your blood drawn lol). I used to prick patients for blood type testing with a lancet and no one really complained. Its only less than a second and that's it. Believe me I think you should just prick your finger rather than having your blood drawn if your really afraid of needles.

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