How do I convince my parents to let me grow long hair?(I am a male)?

I have asked before, I don't like getting haircuts, and when I ask why I must get a hair cut, or why I can't have long hair they respond with "Because I say so," or something similar. I doubt its a moral or religious reason, and around here, I don't believe its gang affiliated. Quite frankly I think long hair just looks awesome, I think it can even make a guy look manly. Please, if anyone has had this problem before, or may have some insight ,please contribute. (Of course, I don't want it to edit my looks, I want it because I want to at least experience it.)


I am 16, and for the most part I follow most of their rules, do all my chores, I am a high honors student, and respect them.

Update 2:

I am not trying to fit in, I live in a very gang affiliated neighborhood, where everyone has short hair cuts, fades, graphics, and such. Most of them has some form of gang affiliation.

Update 3:

Yes, I take care of my hair. I don't mind dishing out 20 bucks for conditioner. I used to style with gel, but it was sticky, messy, and I didn't feel comfortable most of the time. I like my soft loose hair, but they want me to always wear it short, and are always telling me to style it, "like I used to"'.

Update 4:

As you can no doubt see, I am monitoring this question. I set up a feed, email alerts, and I will be logging in regular. This is very important to me, please if you have anything to contribute please do so. I will try to drop by whenever possible during the period this answer is active.

Update 5:

That is also something I have trouble with, finding a long/medium length hair style. Most barbers/stylist/dressers around here have only samples of short hair for males. As I said before, it is what is most popular around here. I have tried looking online, but most sites require you to buy a program or something of that sort. Now if I knew it was a 100% sure thing that I would find a style if I coughed up 10,20,40 bucks I would, but obviously, that's the problem with buying downloads/memberships online.

Update 6:

I would also like to point out that I have very easy to tame hair. My hair is naturally straight, black, and very thin. Also, I feel most short haircuts reveal my scalp a bit, because frankly, I have a hair/area ratio. Right now it is about 1 1/2 or 2 inches long. I asked this question because I just got a haircut two days ago (obviously by force) and have grow more and more frustrated the more I think of it.

Update 7:

Well, I was hoping that keeping this question open for a week would bring me more answers. However, I have noticed that as soon as the answer floats away from the "just asked" (or whatever its called) page, nobody even bothers to glimpse at it.Therefore I am voting creature's answer as my best, mostly because she(or he, but I believe it's she) edited her answer, and provide much insight. I shall re post this question another time, hoping for more answers, insight, and suggestions. Thanks a bunch guys, I know you did it with good intents.

Update 8:

Here I am seven years later. I got an email when Isshin replied 6 months ago and didn't read it until I was cleaning out my inbox.

In the end, I did it against my parents advice by just avoiding haircuts. The awkward phase sucked, the honeymoon phase lasted a few months and then I questioned whether I wanted to keep it or not. Here I am seven years later. I got an email when Isshin replied 6 months ago and didn't read it until I was cleaning out my inbox.

Update 9:

In the end, I did it against my parents advice by just avoiding haircuts. The awkward phase sucked, the honeymoon phase lasted a few months and then I questioned whether I wanted to keep it or not. My parents didn't stop nagging and passing comments about it, but I was in high school and happy with it, girls enjoyed playing with it and I feel it was my way of standing out in the crowd. (I've always been a very introverted person, I guess that's one of the "louder" looks I've had).

Update 10:

Overall it was an experience I don't regret, but I cut it when I realized I had very few options (or at least knowledge of options) on how to wear it. I do wish I'd experimented with some mid-length haircuts in between but for now I'm wearing a "modern pompadour" which is not a "short" haircut by general male barber shop definition but is definitely short in comparison to my almost waist length hair.

Update 11:

I will admit, sometimes I do miss my hair, and I said I'm glad I went through that experience. I do believe my parents respect me more now that I stood my ground on that, and maybe that's what it takes for them to see you as an adult. In the end, in their own narrow-minded way, they wanted what was best for me and you have to appreciate and forgive them for that. Nobody is perfect and I'll take this experience and be sure to handle it differently I'm even in my parent's shoes.

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    Do you take good care of your hair now, washing, brushing, styling?

    I have 3 grown children. My first concern would be if you would take care of it. Demanding anything from your parents usually does not work. Tell them that you really want to do this and ask them why they don't want you to. Once you find out what their reasons are, then you will know what you need to do to get them to agree. Remind them that you will soon be grown and you need to start making some decisions like this, on your own.

    Since they are wanting you to style it now, it sounds like to me that they think it will just be more of the hair that they don't like now. I had the opposite problem with my son, I was always trying to get him to grow it out. Anyway, Do you think you could find "a style" for longer hair. You can get a cut so you hair falls into a style naturally, without gel. If they think your hair will look nicer when it is longer, they might agree.

    You might find a few pictures of styles you like. It will help them to see what it could look like and show them how important it is to you. Don't pick out a style that will take 2 years to grow to. Find some that are just a little bit longer. When you get to that point, then you can talk about going longer.

    Good Luck!

  • 7 years ago

    O MY GOD!!!!!!!! I have the same problem. They keep telling me that long hair-any long hair-is too feminine and that if I don't have short hair I won't "be a man". Then they tell me that nobody in the world likes long hair! When I tell them that my friends like long hair. So, they respond: "No, they don't." SERIOUSLY

    Then I say I know many people with long hair and I know many people who like long hairstyles.

    My father then told me that he will personally call them *******. I am fourteen. Am I being unreasonable or overreacting? They told me to show them a picture of someone with long hair, so I gave them a picture of Anthony Padilla. They asked me if I wanted to look gay. I was gonna show them a picture of Tate Langdon (Evan Peters) but I didn't wanna get smacked in the face.

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    The hair is not just a part of your body and it is a symbol of beauty, status and health. It is important for you to take proper care of your health in order to prevent early hair loss. Learn here It is not a very serious problem and with a little bit of caution you will be able to prevent further hair loss. There are certain uncontrollable factors like pregnancy conditions or certain illness or genetic factors that will result in hair loss. But, this does not mean that you cannot do something about your hair loss.

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    Tell them you're old enough to decide on how you want your appearance to be. It's YOURS, not theirs.

    Have you ever tried to find out what the consequences would be if you didn't keep it short? Did your parents say they'd punish you or something?

    I think you should tell them that you'll start paying for your own haircuts. They can't argue with that.

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    How old are you? It seems like you are old enough to decide what you want your hair to look like. Your parents seem ridiculously controlling.

    Just try talking to them in a polite and respectful way. Lay out your views on it. Tell them your old enough to decide what your hair should look like, you're too old for them to choose your haircut for you, ect.

    And tell them you'll start paying for your own haircuts, so that they can't throw something like "oh well, we pay for it so..." in your face.

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    its YOUR hair. so they cant tell ya what to do with it, you have a voice...let them hear it. just tell them:

    "im not cutting my hair for a while, i will let you kno when im ready for another haircut, i wanna try a longer hair style out"

    good luck!! and live your own life, parents cant take that away from u!!

  • 6 years ago

    youre still lucky i have hair about 2 inches and my parents think that is too long.

  • 4 years ago

    I honestly dont have got the patience to keep my hair long

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    1 decade ago

    go on a strike. how old are you? say you have a right to have your hair you want, depriving you of dressing the way you like or wearing your hair a certain way is bad for parent/child relationships.i want to slap your parents

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    just say...i didnt grow up in the same generation as im trying to fit in but i cant cuz you gies wont let me!!!

    haha i think thats a good one!

    Source(s): i always say that i diddnt grow up in the stone ages hahaha even though i exxagerate.
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