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how effective is 9mm ammunition? the 9mm is so common but i dont know about its stopping power?

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    I think the 9MM is perfect for personal and home defense..... Yeah yeah yeah theirs going to be folks telling you to get a .357 mag or a .45 ACP.... Pay no mind to them. If your not a cop, or knocking down doors in downtown Baghdad or rousting crackhead in a Chicago housing project then you really don't need the super power elephant stopper bullets....

    With 9MM the recoil is fairly low, the ammo is cheap and and well placed and not so well placed shots will stop all losers trying to hurt you......

    The main thing I like about the 9MM cartridge is that its cheap... Walmart even sells Blazer brass at $8.95 for 50 cartridges.... You can get a ton of practice time in without going broke.... Of course keep your pistol loaded with hollow points for defense.... The inexpensive FMJ cartridges are great for practice but shouldn't be used for defense....

    9MM at J&G Sales.....

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    It is plenty effective if you use some of the newer premium bullets and loads. Among those, some are better than others. I have't found anything better than Rem Golden Sabers, 124 gr +P if your gun will handle it. After extensive testing and reviewing other tests and shooting docs, I trust my life to them and don't really feel undergunned and find I have faster followed up shots...and can carry more ammo.

    The Speer Gold Dot is probably in the same category. My experience with Hydo-shocks showed limited expansion.

    Everything is a trade off and opinions on gun related issues get crazy and un-informed. A "bigger" bullet has no real magic. Using the right bullet does regardless of caliber.

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    Stopping power is trumped by shot placement. The best shooters are those who can put a bullet into a vital area with minimum time under huge amounts of stress, making every shot count so they could use a .22 and be as or more effective then someone with a .45.

    But very few regular people can achieve this, so they need bigger bullets to compensate for placement, the 9mm is a solid round that does what it's designed to do tear a hole in someone. What type of bullet you buy has a large impact on stopping power.

    A hollow point will hit someone and transfer a large amount of energy to their body but a FMJ will just blow through them and keep going. The 9mm Hollow point is a very effective manstopper for price and availability and personally I would bet my life on one, although I'd rather have a .45 in my hands.

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    A lot of people do not give the 9mm the recognition it deserves -- it is more than capable; especially with the different types of loads that are available.

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    The military, the FBI and police departments all over the U.S. have found that the 9mm lacks the stopping power of many other calibers and is prone to over penetration. A far better choice is the venerable .45 acp. That is why Spec Ops uses the .45 acp.

    The reason for the popularity of the 9mm is that it will kill and it has less recoil than many better man stoppers. The 9mm is chosen by our government to accommodate the recoil shy folks not for its stopping power.

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    The best caliber for self-defense is the tried, true, tested, and proven 357 Magnum, using 125 grain jacketed hollow points.* It is the best no nonsense man stopper.* Forget about the 9mm.* You can also shoot 38 caliber ammo in a 357 Magnum.* You get two (2*) handguns for the price of one.* For maximum protection get a 357 Magnum with a 4 or 6 inch barrel.* I prefer the Colt or Smith & Wesson Brands.*

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    When discussing the stopping power or lack of of the 9mm people opften refer to military and police specs

    We are not burdened by the choice of ammo that they are, especially the fairly ineffective FMJ the military is stuck with

    Put some hyra-shoks into your target and it generally will decide not to pursue the errant course of action that caused you to engage it

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    Well if you put those mil's in the right place they will stop whatever you are wanting to stop. Thats why you go to the range and practice.

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    Not really. I think it's underpowered and I have a .40 although some people may whine about that caliber as well.

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