Does the State of Iowa have good health insurance for employees?

I am considering a job for the state of Iowa. They offer 4 plans. 2 of the plans are HMO plans with no monthly premium and I believe a $1500 out of pocket max. The PPO plan is $300/mo. Is anyone knowledgeable in a personal sense in terms of whether the state of Iowa has good insurance? Thanks in advance!

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  • Lori
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    1 decade ago
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    There are many things that should be considered here. Do you have a need for a lot of medical care? Is there a doctor that you already see? Is he/she in the network for the HMO-PPO? Are there services that you would need or like to use on one plan that are not available on the other (say chiropractic)? What are the limitations for seeing a specialist in each plan. HMO's usually require you get a referral from your primary care doctor to see a specialist. Many PPO's do not require any authorization.

    If you use the doctor a lot and the doctor you see (or would like to see)is in the HMO network and you are happy with the types of benefits they offer, the HMO is propbably the way to go. You will have less choices of the doctors you will be able to see, but your out of pocket expenses will be less considering there is no premium payment required from you.

    If you would like more freedom in choosing your doctor and not having to go through the referral process, then you pay for that through having to pay the premium and extra out of pocket expenses, like yearly deductibles and co-insurances (the 20% that is your responsibility.)

    In short, you have to weigh how much you use the doctor and for what services against what it will cost you (both in premiums and out of pocket expenses.)

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