i need to know the top rated child custody attorneys for harris county texas?

looking for the best child custody attorney in harris county

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    With complete documentation and reasoning several attorneys will work..When I looked up Harris County this link is what came up first in a search...http://attorneypages.com/543TX2655/index.htm

    1. Most will offer a 1 time meeting at no charge...ask them about your situation and how they have handled it in the past and what the outcome was..

    2. Interview several as this is going to be your partner throughout the entire custodial battle. This one and any in the future.

    3. Ask about retainer fees and payment arrangements before you sign the contract....Make sure that a retainer fee will continue your relationship until a new order needs to be written that it does not expire with an Order or Stipulation.. This is one that is important and can save you thousands as some Attorneys will start a new retainer with each new issue that arises..

    Good Luck....

    Source(s): http://attorneypages.com/543TX2655/index.htm and past experiances
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