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what did you do for your kid's 1st birthday party?

alright i admit i am kind of jumping the gun. my son is only 7 months old. but i am a first time mom and i'm getting really excited for his first birthday! :)

what did you guys do for the first birthday? did you have a big party or just family? and what do you think is a good theme for it?

also my son was born on valentines day and it just so happens that valentines day falls on a saturday next year. do you think i should have his birthday party on valentines day? or would no one come? should i have it on sunday perhaps?

and before anyone is rude, since there's alot of judgmental people on here. this question is just for fun. i am just an excited first time mother. i am 22 years old, i am married, and we have our own place. not that that should matter anyways.

thanks in advance :) :)

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    Hi, I think it's best for the first birthday to keep it simple and small. Family and a few close friends is fine. Kids that age can get overwhelmed when there are too many people there. For decorations you could just go with whatever he likes maybe Elmo or something cute like that. Too young really for games or anything so maybe a 90 minute party for cake and ice-cream, snacks and opening presents and all.

    I wouldn't have it on the holiday because it can cause conflicts with people who may have other plans. Maybe have it on Sunday later afternoon like from 3:00-4:30.

    good luck and have fun

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    How cute!

    I know a lot of ppl. who spend a LOT of money on those things!

    I would def. NOT advise spending a lot of money!

    What I would advise is to invite all your "mommy" friends, and relatives over, with something like a BBQ, or something you don't have to spend a lot of money on!

    I know this can be an exciting time! Get some balloons, and noise makers! Have it on a Sun. or Sat. Afternoon, get some cake and ice cream and have fun!

    OH! And make sure to have Valentines w. you husband! Your kid won't mind staying w. a baby sitter for a few hrs.! After all he's only 1!! He doesn't know what a birthday is, or a day for that matter!

    Source(s): My fam. And church, and friends, and everyone has had a 1 year b-day!
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    I had a small party with family only(the ones who are around all the time). The reason is not to overwhelm him. I did rubber duckies for the thyme,little pail for the goody bag with a rubber duck-bubbles-and animal crackers, yellow and blue were the colors-ballons-streamers-tablecloth. We had finger foods and cupcakes. I also went easy on the gifts-he didn't open them anyway. Take lots of pictures of everything exspecially eating the cake.

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    I'd like to agree that there are a lot of judgemental people on here, along with the paranoid ones.

    We did a party based on the theme we did their room. For my first it was a Disney baby theme (room and party), for my 2nd it was Winnie the Pooh theme (room and party). Go with the Valentine theme if you wish, however, I do think that theme is geared more toward girls. If you can make it more "manly" then go for it.

    I would ask your family and friends first before you even send the invits. Valentine's Day isn't really popular amongst us, but if it is on a Saturday we will probably go out. Sunday is better, just try to make it early in the day at like noon. I hate when parties start at like 3 or 4 on a Sunday.

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    Alot of people like to have a BIG party for their 1st birthday and I understand that totally.

    However, for my little guy, I just had family and friends come to the house. He loves balloons so that was our theme. I had the cake with multi-color ballons on it... ballon party supplies.. and 30 balloons placed all over the house. He totally loved it!!!!!!!!!!

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    I wouldn't even worry about it- I know you are wanting everyone to have a great time but they have to understand the type of party it it and the fact that your hands are tied because the hall doesn't allow it. I was thinking the next few people who bring it up you could say" oh yeah I took care of it don't worry" and then when they show up have a whole bunch of root beer on ice, that will teach them to give you a hard time.

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    We had just family - about 10 guests other than my husband, child and I. I think that's best for a 1 year old because most of them would be pretty overwhelmed by a big party, and none of them will remember it anyway.

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    we had a massive family party with all mine and my husbands aunts, uncles cousins, parents etc. It was mainly adults so we all had silly hats, a bbq and lots of wine. james really enjoyed it and finally fell asleep around midnight while we were all falling over in the garden. great day.

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