What do chinese people think of Kim Jong-Il and North Korea?

I want to know how people who live in or are from the People Republic of China think of North Korea and it's leader, Kim Jong-Il.

If you are Chinese, what do you think? Do your friends, family, and acquaintances think the same, or differently? What part of China do you live in or are you from?

If you aren't Chinese, do you have any information, preferably sourced, about Chinese opinions on this subject?

Thanks a bunch.

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    OK, here's a Chinese person's answer (from PRC):

    For North Korea, Chinese people think they are a copy of China in 60's, and most of Chinese don't like the extremely red period in 60's. We don't particularly like Kim Jong-Il. People make fun of him by calling him "fat boy Kim" publicly on the web, and are not happy when he caused troubles to the US. But strategically, North Korea is the buffer area to prevent the US invasion. Most of Chinese people understand it and thus support a stable North Korea.

    We used to like South Korean when they were just as humble as us. But today, Chinese among the youth generally don't like them because they claimed Chinese characters as Korean invention, citing that Confucius has Korean blood, stating that their ancestors defeated Chinese ancestors before migrating to Korea, etc. Stuff like that just pisses people off.

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    I apologize but Mao, Fidel Castro, Stalin, Lenin, Pol-Pot and many other socialist dictators have beat him to it.

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    The Chinese people love the Koreans and consider them family.

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    nah, we don't really care about korea that much...

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    To me, Kim Jong Il is a wise man.

    He and his country want big countries to know that "It is not easy for The Bigs to force the Small".

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