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New inventions of the New Stone Age?

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    The New Stone Age was when farming was developed, which was an important new way for people to live, leading to settled communities, the building of houses, civilization etc.

    The wheel, one of history's most important inventions, was probably first used in this period.

    Pottery was another invention of the period, since you cannot carry clay pots around with you very easily if you are hunter-gatherers. Spinning and weaving are other skills that were developed in this period.

    It is possible that some people in the new stone age even had indoor plumbing, the prehistoric village of Skara Brae on Orkney has channels running from the inside to the outside of the houses which suggest to some archaeologists that they may have had their own toilets.

    Source(s): Secrets of the Stone Age by Richard Rudgley A History of Britain by Simon Schama
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    New inventions of the New Stone Age?

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