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Anonymous asked in PetsOther - Pets · 1 decade ago

Where Can I Take Animal Classes/Lessons?

Dear Yahoo! Answers Members,

Hello, my name is Mackenzie and I have a strong passion for animals. I am also ten years old and am fighting for minors to volunteer at animal shelters across the tri-state. I was thinking about becoming a Zoologist, Wildlife Rehabilitator, Vet, or Breeder.

I am currently volunteering at the Animal Friends Humane Society in Trenton, Ohio. And am also currently working with several kinds of animals. I have been learning about the animals at A.F.H.S.

Also, I was wondering where I could take lessons or classes on animals? The shelter doesn't teach you a lot, but it helps you understand the animal better. Is there anywhere near the Middletown area of Ohio that I could take lessons or classes? Or I could take an online course, or maybe go to a camp?

I like all animals, and helping them. If you could give me a website, phone number, or any other information, it will be oh so much greatly appreciated! Thanks to all the people who answer! My e-mail address is if you have any other questions you need to ask.


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    Hey, just once again I'm reminding you not to post your last name online. Not safe.

    One comment before I answer, being a breeder generally brings in little to no profit, so it's not really a career. (One of my contacts, whom is a dog breeder, said she made a profit once. 17 cents an hour).

    Anyway, my science teacher last year told me that some colleges offer a summer camp with different programs. I'm not sure if you're old enough yet but you should look into it. Google local colleges, pick up a brochure and see if they have biology programs available (I know of a college a few towns away from me that actually has a veterinary medicine class available for teens!)

    Good luck! Oh and you don't need to be so formal, we're all good friends here. :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Hi Mackenzie,

    Congratulations on finding a shelter that lets minors do some volunteering. Most won't, not because of discrimination but because of insurance and liability.

    I would look into basic obedience classes if you already have a dog, just to get some hands-on experience with animal behavior. If you don't have a dog, you should still be able to go and watch other folks in classes and take note. Also, look into your local AKC clubs for information on Junior Handler classes-these are valuable for folks wanting to learn more about showing and basic dog handling and grooming. These would be a good start for now, and you can expand more as you get older. Good luck!

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