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dog hit by car now getting harrassed by the driver..what do i do?

So by a fluke my dogs got out and I went after them, i wasn't even out of the driveway when a speeding car hit one of them and kept driving until they got to the next street and noticed me running and turned around. They didn't attempt to slow down even tho' they were driving thru a neighborhood that is heavily populated with young kids. When they stopped I was holding my other dog while kneeling next to my injured one on the road checking to see if she was still alive. they got our of the car and said "oh you have another dog? was she loose too?" as well as the other person in the car cussed my dad out. the dog luckily was still alive so I rushed her to the vet. 3 days later there's a note in my door from the driver asking me to pay for damages to her jeep. we called the police and a lawyer to see if we would be liable and were told that if she was speeding it would be the same as if she was negligent and hit a kid. we called her back gave her the information in a calm manner and left her our number incase there was any other questions. that night we get a call from the passenger of the car cussing us out. the msg was very upsetting. then he called back and left another one saying our dog ran into their car when they stopped for the first dog (that at the scene they didn't know about). the phone calls kept up for most of the night. the next day we get a call from the driver saying she dropped her car off for an estimate and they have to keep it for the estimate for 3 days and we have to pay for a rental car for them for that whole time ....FOR AN ESTIMATE!! I'm very concerned now more about our safety as the messages being left by the passenger (who shouldn't have gotten my # in the first place) are threatening and he knows where I live and am home most of the time by myself and my young kids alone. what should I do?

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    Sue those freaks.

    Immediately get a recorder for your phone & tape their calls. Bust them big time: for the dog, for false claims and harassment. Keep detailed notes, beginning from the accident, then onward.

    What punks, trying to make you feel guilty for their lack of attention behind the wheel.

    I hope poochie is doing well.

  • Innes
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    I have met people like this before ....

    You don not have to pay anything until they legally request it in wriitng where they also have to demonstrate why they think you are liable. Do not give in to harrassment - EVER unless you think you may be in serious physical danger. Seond - inform the police that you feel you are being harrassed by these people and charge them with that - that will send out a clear message that you are not a walk over and that you havenothing to feel guilty over - THEY WERE SPEEDING - THEY DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THE SECOND DOG - stay true to that knowledge and do not give in. Hopefully this will put them off. If they still choose to take it to court - (which will cost them alot more money than fixing a jeep) ... let them - they will only do you for not being in control of your dogs (look at the dogs act) but they can not prove your dog was run over because they stopped over the first one - just a point to note - is if they ran over one dog while stopping for the other- their vechile would have been stationary right! so how could they have hit the second dog? .... If they say it was hit while they were slamming on the brakes - if they were sticking to the speed limit - the vechile at 30mph would have stopped quickly and effectivley - so how would it have damaged your dog. If they still get pushy - tell them - you are suing them for the cost of the damage to your dog! Fight dirty as its a cruel world - get your neighbours to witness that they were speeding ! you cant argue where there is a witness can you !

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    You can prove the hit and run and negligence.

    You can also probably go by the reports of the vet as to how fast the driver would have been going compared to how badly hurt the dog was.

    Contact the police and see what they say

    You definitely don't need to pay for the rental as it was their choice to put the car in for an estimate without your prior approval

    You'll have to contact a solicitor to sort it out unfortunately as it seems they want to cause hassles.

    Document everything and keep those messages as you can probably sue them for harrasment as well

  • Anonymous
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    Go to the police, but for peace of mind I'd try reach a compromise, for your safety sake. Maybe pay half and get quote from a garage you can phone and confim. I had to do similar when my dog was attacked then fought with another dog. Sometimes safety comes first, I know its not ideal but i also know that its not good feeling intimidated and to be honest the police are not much cop x

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    i don't understand how a dog could cause that much damage to a car. in all actuality, by the eyes of the law, if they didn't call the police when it happened they cant prove your dog did the damage...they could of hit something else before or after this incident and cant prove otherwise that is why people call the police to report car accidents. also if you are being harassed and threatened by them, call the police and tape the recordings for them to hear. they don't take lightly to threats.

    good luck!

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    Tell the police about this situation. Tell them that these people are harassing you. Show them the messages they left you also. Ask to have a cop stake out your house if you are very upset. They will most likely do it since their are children in your house. Those people are at fault 100%. Next time I suggest you do NOT give your number out. Tell them that if they have any questions they can call your lawyer. These people sound insane. You don't legally have to pay for anything and the rental car is outrageous. Good luck with this and stay safe. Be careful when you answer the door too.

  • Anonymous
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    The likelihood is that you'll be responsible for the damages to her vehicle since dogs are supposed to be on leash or under control at all times.

    You may want to consider contacting a lawyer for advice-- you may also wish to consider whether contacting your homeowner's insurance would be a good idea.

    Good luck to your dog.

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    How are you going to prove speeding??? Got a radar gun???? What they can prove without a doubt is that YOUR dogs were off leash and running the road.

    It seems probably no one is hadling this like adults, but you cannot prove any speeding. I can tell you that almost EVERY person who has an animal that get hit by a car says the driver was speeding or hit it on purpose. Almost every one.

    You have to face that your dogs were not under your control and if they caused an accident and someone died, you would be in serious trouble.

    The police should handle any harrassment, but you are probably going to have to pay something to them for damage.

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    What a piece of crap I would take this piece of trash to court and sue the pants off of them. Were there any other witnesses to the scene. This guy doesnt deserve **** imo. Not only does he hit a defenseless animal, he doesnt care and almost kept driving? Oh my God! Get the best lawyer you can and teach this guy a lesson, he deserves it. There are alot of people out there who just dont have compassion for other people and those people SUCK. Ill send a prayer for you man! I hope you win in court! Get a tow truck and get there car out of there that is ridiculous and crazy! Just say this person just parked their car in our driveway and left it here?! Ignore that first guys comment whos supposedly a dog lover? What an idiot!

  • Kristy
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    Call the police and they will let them know they can not contact you in that manner I do not think you should have to pay for the persons damage what would of happened if it was a stray dog? they would not get jack crap people will do anything for money tell them your not paying for anything and that if they want money out of you they need to take you to court you can get a restraining order on them and they can not contact you what so ever! if they do they will automatically go to jail

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