Anime poll #38: What animal does your favorite anime character relate to most? and why?

lol im a retard and posted 2 anime polls 36 so thats why this is #38. anyways......

yeah what anime character is most like a certain type of animal? and why do you think so?


Whats the last kind of candy you ate?

lol i had sour gummy worms XDDD

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    lol, AWESOME! High five for eating sour gummy worms *starts drooling* ... I wish I had sour gummy worms today... X_x

    Oh, right.. the question.

    Hm... I think my fav character, Edward Elric, is most like a wolf. He's sometimes rlly serious, happy like (like playful kind of happy), protective, strong, etc. I don't know why exactly, but he just seems like he relates to a wolf, more than any other animal ^^

    What about your fav character?


    I had Gobbstoppers XP lol. I was actually eating some in class, which I wasn't supposed to be doing, after going out for lunch today and they were gooood ^^

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    Oh well my favorite anime character is Akamaru, and he is a doggie so yea I think a dog would be right ^^ I think this would be the case because he IS a dog XD Loooove you avvie BTW, cute! I cosplay as Konata, are you excited for the OVA? I am! But I cannot find it with subtitles yet. D:

    Oh last candy I ate was...does cheese count as a candy? Cause I cannot remember the last candy I ate. I think it was a hershey bars I ate a few days ago tho -.-' Haha

    *adds you*

    Source(s): ~Akamaru (I wish Kiba was here! <3)
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    So im kinda not creative today so I am making this!!!!! Ok its not really a poll but its just something to do for fun ^_^ Everyone loves fun..right???? *copy and paste or...or...or ELSE* Name of favorite anime character: Sachiko from Maria sama gamiteru Does your favorite anime character...... Wear make-up:no Wear jewelry:sometimes Have long hair:yes :) Wears purple: her hair ir dark purple :DDD Go to school:Yes a private catholic school Have a Girl/Boyfriend:no, she hates men for what her father and grandfather has done. Own a weapon:no, shes not violent. Is considered smart:she is very smart and admired by the students. Wears a skirt:no, she wears a long dress to school. Have a word/phrase they say all the time (plz list what it is): Yumi (Her petite soeur) Is an animal(example: inuyasha):nope. Talks alot:no she keeps to herself most of the time. She does talk to the fellow roses though. And she does not talk to men at all. She hates them and are afraid of them. Is shy:Not really And list things that makes them your favorite: Pretty smart sweet unique sisterhood bonds diffrent :DDDDD Bonus Question: Whats your favorite party snack? Finger sandwichs :DDD

  • What animal does your favorite anime character relate to most? and why?


    Kuroro Lucifer.... resembles....

    Wait! I change my mind.... Kuroro is one of my favorite character right? Means I can shoose my other favorite right?

    So... this time I'll choose Monkey D. Luffy and he resembles a monkey! Yeah!

    Why? Long hand, fun and outgoing, cheerful. Monkey are like that right? Err... right?


    Whats the last kind of candy you ate?

    I'm not into candy, ice cream or any sweet things. I can still eat them though, but I don't really like them..

    Last one? Probably.... err probably.... emm.... Hacks? Is that a candy? No? Uhmm.... errr.... okay yeah, the same as yours, gummy worms!

    Gotta go! See ya!

    *Leave the premises*

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    my bad, sorry about that i should really stop answering questions while half asleep -____-'

    that would be zaraki he mostly relates to a snake, his bite is worse than his bark... erm.... hiss....

    snakes have a tendency to hold back as well since they don't always inject poison when they bite down, they do a sort of warning bite that only punctures the skin and doesn't carry poison.

    kenpachi holds back when fighting to make things more interesting and he doesn't talk much just like a snake they're both quiet and very deadly.

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    Inuyasha resembles a dog=


    the last candy I ate was a Jollyrancher

  • 1 decade ago

    I think L relates to a panda. Somewhat not motivated, but he'll eat sweets. LOL

    The last candy I ate was...Hershey's chocolate bar

  • Rock Lee........ caterpillar >.<

    [no i don't liek Naruto;;; Lee is just HAWT!]

    i LOVEEEE♥♥♥ Lee more than anything but liek.... green;;; fuzzy [brows];;; caterpillar just comes to mind >.<'

    Bonus Q:

    i had Sour Patch Kids!!!!!!!

    there's nothing that can make a person feel better while babysitting than brutally biting teh heads off sour patch kids!! =DD

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    naruto relates to a fox da most cuz u know kyuubi =3 mr. cutie pie <3

    well yeah and funny thing is dat even b4 i saw naruto my fav animal was da fox =D isn't dat a kounky dink ;) well im also a lot like him im like a female version of naruto BELIVE IT!!!!

    oh and last candy i eat (or at least chewed) was gum not countin dat m&m's =P

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    He is a dog...because hi is a dog guessed it inuyasha...

    and the last candy was POCKY so I have massive sugar rush right now and was able to type thuis in 2 seconds

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