What does Zaidy mean in Judaism?

I've heard this name used for grandfather, where does it come from and is it common to call them that? Its cool!

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    Gefilte girl is correct; zeyde is grandfather and bubbe (or as I used to call mine - bubby) is grandmother. Both are, indeed, Yiddish.

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    Yiddush for grandfather. Its not a very common Yiddush word though. Its used alot in Haredi/Hasidic Judaism though.

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    Yiddish for grandfather

    Yiddish (YID-ish)

    The "international language" of Ashkenazic Jews, based primarily on German with words taken from Hebrew and many Slavic languages, and written in the Hebrew Alphabet.

    don't know if it's common...but that's the meanings!!

    hope this helps!! :)

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    Yes, it's zayde actually. It's not a product of Judaism per se, it's Yiddish.

    Also, grandmother is bubbe.

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    1 decade ago

    Zayde/zaide in Yiddish means grandfather.

    Bubbie/Bubbe in Yiddish mean grandmother.

    Tante means Aunt.

    Fetter means Uncle.

    Mishpocha means family or relatives

    Ach is brother in Yiddish,

    Achot is sister in Yiddish.


    Oh well, I guess I did it again...can't just give one answer...LOL

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