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What Is There To Do In Germany?

I will soon be traveling in Europe and will be passing through Germany, possibly Hamburg, Munich or Berlin. I am thinking about staying to just check out the country because I've never been there before.

What would you recommend me to do? How well do Germans speak English and should I learn some German phrases?

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    Germans speak English very well. I wouldn't be concerned. They usually like the chance to practice and use their English! Germans learn English all through their school years. However, attempts to speak German politely are appreciated, as it is their country. Helpful things to know might be: Eingang(entrance) Ausgang(exit) Gasthof(restaurant) Stadt(city) Dorf(very small village) Tafelwasser(table water-or just plain tap water, must be asked for at a restaurant) Danke(thank you) Hallo(hi) Schul(school) Strasse(street) Gemuse(vegetables) Floh Markt(flea market)--well those are a few good things. Just do the best you can and there are many resources for learning German.

    To do, the Pergamon Museum on Museum Insel in East Berlin I think is a must. They have almost an entire Babylonian temple and other artifacts brought over from Turkey. Check Point Charlie museum is a great place to go to learn about the wall. the KDW shopping centre is wonderful--esp. the gourmet food floor. Shopping in Berlin is really great.

    Hamburg has wonderful theatre, great shopping and a harbour. It has fish markets that are great and it is a bustling city!!

    Munich has the charm and grace and more laid back pace of southern Germany--it also has the Mercedez-Benz factory.

    A trip on the Rhine, see Neuschwanstein(the disney castle!), Potsdam near Berlin has a wonderful palace and the site of the Potsdam Conference of WWII, its a short train ride out of Berlin.

    Eating pretzels(yum), pubs, many concerts, art museums and the flea markets have an incredible variety of goods, the open air markets are also great.

    hope these are some ideas. Have a fun trip!

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    This June we went to Munich and Berlin...not Hamburg, but did get to Heidelberg. You HAVE to go! Munich has wonderful biergartens - beer gardens where you will be lots of locals and have a wonderful time. Munich is KNOWN for its beer! You also have to see the surfers (Yes, surfers!) in the Englisher Garden. We stayed at the YMCA, which was cheap and fun! There are the usual city sites to see...the glockenspeil - the town clock that plays a special scene at certain times, the current Pope's church is in Munich. Just go to the tourist office and get the things that interest you. There is a lot and you will find things to interest you! Munich is also a great jumping off point for day trips -Dachau - the concentration camp is close by, Salzburg with the salt mine tour, complete with a few slides, and of course the Alps.

    We loved Berlin, but there is SO much history! Admittedly I was a little depressed after it all, but it is worth seeing! We stayed at Pension Peter and it was the best place! It is close to Kaiser Wilhelm's church, and you can see the destruction. We took a city walk which was a great value because you get an overview of the city and all, and then can go back and see what you really want to see. KaDeWa IS a great store, BUT it is very expensive....the locals even say that! (We found Heidelberg to be a great university city and the stores were much more reasonable.) Berlin has everything....and of course you can really see the difference between old east and west! Take a bit of time in will really be impressed....especially the subway! Again, the tourist office will have all the info you need about what you are interested in.

    Heidelberg...we only stayed a short time, but it was awesome! The people are great and it is a university city...always things going on!

    Don't worry about language! Germans are fluent English speakers and getting a phrase book would be okay. It may help you with the signs and all, but German pronunciation is different....I took it in high school and used it very little. The Germans are impressively clean and hard workers. They know how to have a good time, and their food is a bit on the heavy side. We did not get many veggies, but the food was good! We loved Germany, and will definitely go back. Please check it will find all sorts of things that you will be glad you took the time to discover! Enjoy your European adventure!

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  • If you go to any of those cities there is so much to do, it just depends on what you like to do. If you like the bar scene, Berlin has no closing times. Like to go shopping there are very good departmentstores and Markets. You like history, Berlin has something to offer for everyone. Munich is close to the Alps- if you like the outdoors- historic places, art galleries, nightlife, there is really so much more. Hamburg has a big night life to venture in, cafes, historic sites, the harbor. You should not be bored in any of these cities. Regarding english speaking Germans, especially the younger generation speak english, but it is a good idea to learn a few German phrases. Hope it helps Chris, Ohio

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    Take a German phase book.

    Click the second link to read reviews of 94 things to do around Hamburg. Then you can search the site for the other cities.

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    In most big cities, there are Germans who speak English. More obliged to speak English as the French and Italians.

    There are a lot of things to do. I presume you are US American. The towns are old and historic. There are ton of things to see and do.

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    1. Most Germans speak at least some English

    2. Prases like "Bitte - please", "danke - thank you" Guten Morgen - good morning" etc will be appreciated

    3. As I don´t know in what you are interested, I suggest to visit the local turist office. They will give you enough ideas, from theater to bars/discos of every tast. Just ask, and dont be shy.

    Alos look into the web pages, e.g.

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    There are festivals for anything you can think of. Beer, wine, pig and Oktober are the main ones that I remember. a lot of Germans love to practice their English and many of them speak it very well. Turkish is a second language for many of them as well.

    Source(s): Lived in Germany for three years.
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