Boyles law calculations?

i just did an online lab for Boyles Law and I'm not sure how to do the calculations because I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to calculate. I have the numbers from the lab showing the pressure increasing as the volume decreases, but what calculations would go along with that for a lab report?

here are my #'s for the first procedure I did:

-1 atm of C3H8 flushed into 150 mL flask- pressure 1.000atm

-the above with 20mL H2O added-vol:130mL gas, 20 mL water; pressure: 1.154 atm

i did 5 procedures like this, so if someone can show me hwo to do the calculations for this, i can figure out the rest on my own...thanks!

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    KP/V =C so Kelvins will be the same as original

    -reducing the volume will raise the temperature*pressure

    K=(150/130)(1.154)Koriginal .....(what was your starting temperature?)

  • 4 years ago

    Its asking you exa6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224tly what the equation 6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224eans. you initiate out with 6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224 of oxygen at a stress of 9.80 kPa. and you p.c. to confirm what the hot volu6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224e would be whilst the stress be6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224o6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224es 9.6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092240kPa. so which you plug it in like P1V1=P6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224V6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224 9.80kPa(6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224)=9.6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092240kPaV6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224. it fairly is least perplexing to isolate the variable you are trying to discern for (V6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224) by dividing the two sides by P6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224. So next you may write V6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224=(9.80kPa[6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224])/9.6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092240kPa basically 6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224ultiply P1 and V1, then divide your answer by P6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224. whilst gas 6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224ole6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224ules are uncovered to distinctive pressures, their volu6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224e 6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224hanges a6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea092246524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224ordingly. basically like in the event that they're positioned right into a larger 6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224ontainer and the volu6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224e in6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224reases, the stress will de6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224rease. in case you have 3 of the variables, you 6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224an sparkling up for the fourth basically like all different 6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224athe6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224ati6524b7f26958c1604398aa6ea09224al equation.

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