What is an SPE? help ?

what does an SPE do? im talking about the SPEs in gaming consoles like the PS3.

what is its job? whats it stand for?

there the types of answers i'd like.

theres 10pts init...

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    The main CPU (central processing unit) of the PS3 is Cell. Cell is the result of a joint project between Sony and IBM to create a multipurpose modular processor. Each Cell chip has one SPE, which serves as the main controller and delegates tasks to the PPEs in the Cell chip. The number of PPEs on the chip can be as low as 1, but has no real practical limit. In the case of the PS3, there are 8 PPEs (though it only ever uses 7 at a time, the eighth is there just in case one of them is not made properly during production). But the idea was that you could have a 1 or 2 PPE Cell chip in your car's engine, and supercomputers could use 32 PPEs or more.

    So basically, the PPEs are the workers, and the SPE is the supervisor.

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    SPE stands for 'synergistic processing element(s)', apparently. They're part of the main Cell processor for the PS3.

    See part 3 of this wiki link;


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