the battery doesn't charge?

i have a notebook which worked fine until a week ago. when i turned it on before it actually turned on, the message appeared about the AC cable or connection (i don't know anything about computers, but I think the solution starts with understanding the message - none of my friends who know computers were able to help me). so it said that because AC doesn't work properly or now i think it doesn't work at all, it will affect my computer. it didn't say how, but now i know - unfortunately. I foolishly never plugged in the wire that charges the battery, so yesterday it said - plug in because the computer will turn off - you have only 4 % of battery life. i turned, did what i had to do, went to sleep, without unplugging. the next day - today that is - i wanted to see if my battery was now full - it was supposed to be at least, so i turn it on, the message appears again, i ignore it again, i unplug, and see that the battery is still at 4 percent. i did a little research and turns out that i probably need to fix that AC thing. so my question is - has this happened to anyone? what did you do? am i right about AC? is it fixable?

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    Yes, it's fixable.

    First, go to the manufacturer's website (Dell. HP, etc), and find out if your laptop is still in warranty. If so, call the tech support and tell them about it. They will run you through troubleshooting tests, and give you a new cable or battery if needed.

    If it's out of warranty, you can get replacement parts from several third party suppliers, or from the manufacturer themselves. It may be expensive (around $150 for both the cable and battery), but far less exp than buying a new laptop.

    But first, go through this process:

    1. Unplug and remove the battery.

    2. Press and hold the power button on your laptop for at least 30 seconds, or up to a minute to discharge all the power in the capacitors.

    3. Plug only the AC cable into the laptop (no battery) and then try to turn it on.

    4. Shut down properly if it turned on.

    5. Unplug again, replace the battery, and leave it for a minute.

    6. Try to turn it on now.

    If it works without the battery, but with AC only, then you know your battery is shot and you just have to replace that.

    If it doesn't work in either way, then your AC cable is shot and you need to replace that. Possibly both the battery and AC cable.

    In the future, your laptop should not be plugged into a wall socket directly. Get at least a surge suppressor, or better yet, one of those power conditioners that uses battery power to keep the current steady for your laptop's charger. I say that because it sounds like a surge or a brownout destroyed the AC cable or the battery.

    Good luck!

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