Whats the difference between CAT-5 cable and crossover cable.?

I just want to connect my laptop with my pc not networking.......In which case transfer of files is fast, cat-5 or crossover cable....

Are they same???

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  • eyebum
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    They are sort of the same. CAT-5 is the type of cable, and a crossover cable is a cable that is wired a certain way. So you can have a crossover cable made of CAT-5. But not all CAT-5 is crossover cables.

    (and actually, not every crossover cable is made from CAT-5!)

    Basically, in a regular patch cable, the wires inside the cable are lined up with the same slot in the plug at both ends.

    A crossover cable reverses the wires at one end.

    The crossover cable is the correct cable to use when you are connecting 2 computers together directly, without using any switch, hub, router, etc...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A cross over cable is a Cat-5 cable, just the pin outs are different. Generally a Cat 5 cable is pinned straight through and the crossover has a different pinout.

    To connect the 2 computers together, you would need the crossover cable. You will also need to make sure that the IPs and subnet mask on both computers are in the same range.

    You should be able to set then manually.

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    The difference has to do with the wiring of the cable and the situation in which you will use the cable.

    On a CAT 5e patch cable, the wiring configuration is identical on both ends of the cable.

    On a CAT 5e crossover cable, the wiring of pins 1, 2, 3, and 6 are "crossed-over" to pins 3, 6, 1, and 2.

    CAT 5e crossover cables are used in situations where two devices have the same interface, for example, connecting a hub to a hub, or a switch to a switch, or even when patching a hub or switch into a wallplate.

    The most common use is to connect two PCs directly to each other, without the use of any kind of router, hub, or switch. This is called a peer-to-peer network, and is a low-cost solution to allow file and Internet sharing between two computers.

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    Cat 5 Crossover

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Cat-5 is a cable and Crossover cable is a coding that we use for connecting same diveces like if i m to connect two computers then i will have to coding for Crossover cable..there are 8 wires in the cat-5 cable and we have to code with these 8 wires....

  • Kelly
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    4 years ago

    A cat 5e cable has 4 twisted pairs. Only 2 of these pairs are normally used, one for transmit and one for receive. In a standard cable, the transmit and receive wires go to the same pins in the RJ45 connector. You use this cable to connect an "output" port to an "input" port. A crossover cable has the transmit and receive pair switched or "crossed over" each other on one end. This allows you to connect 2 "output" ports together and have the 2 devices communicate. This is the only use for a crossover cable and it's not any better or worse that any other 5e RJ45 cable. If you try to use a crossover cable to connect an output port to an input port it won't work. The input port has been wired to accept the signal from a standard cable. A crossover cable in this situation would feed the output signal to the output pins and you wouldn't get connectivity.

  • 1 decade ago

    They're the same. The difference between a crossover and a regular cable is that the twisted pairs are swapped at the end. If you're connecting a PC to your Laptop you might want to use a crossover. Though most new network cards are auto sensing, meaning they will accept either.

  • Anonymous
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    Category 5 cable, commonly known as Cat 5, is a twisted pair cable type designed for high signal integrity. Many such cables are unshielded but some are shielded. Category 5 has been superseded by the Category 5e specification. This type of cable is often used in structured cabling for computer networks such as Ethernet, and is also used to carry many other signals such as basic voice services, token ring, and ATM.

    A crossover cable is a cable that maps all output signals on one electrical connector to the input signals on the other connector, allowing two electronic devices to perform full-duplex communication. Most commonly, the term refers to the Ethernet crossover cable, but other cables follow the same principle. It also allows devices to communicate without a switch, hub, or router. Cross-Over cables are used to connect two computers directly through NICs without the use of a Hub or Switch or to uplink two or more hubs, switches or routers.

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    Category 5 is a description of a cable that consists of five unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) wires with a data rate of 16 Mbit/s and performance of up to 20 MHz. It was used in token ring networks, 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T4, and is no longer common or used in new installations. It was quickly superseded by Category 5/5e cable, both of which have 100±15 ohm impedance. CAT 5 crossover is a better option.

  • 1 decade ago

    The only difference is the way the cable is wired on the ends. If you are connecting two computers together directly, use a crossover cable.

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