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Where is the best place to buy a house in the usa right now?


My family in the state live mainly in San Diego and Hawaii. Prices are not dropping to a great buy. At least, not in Hawaii.

I live in Germany today. My wife and I have been keeping an eye out on the market. I still can use the GI Bill stateside. I like something warm, but not all excited about the gulf area, Florida and Texas.

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    Hey Celebrate_Me_Home that's a tricky one

    It really depends on what is known as the PRO Factor. This is the first thing people like the Trumps look on.

    The P stands for:

    Purchase Price vs. the Estimated Market Value

    The lower this ratio the better, so if its 1:4 or 2:4 then its a plus but not a buy decision.

    The R stands for:

    Room For Growth In The Area or Location

    If the area is over populated with little high end commercial activity then thats a big No No. If it does have that potential then thats another plus.

    O finally stands for

    Opportunity Cost

    Or if you expect the value to go up by 1% per year then could you find a safer investment to go to that pays 2%.

    So look on the PRO factor. There is lots more data Celebrate_Me_Home at


    So get your reading done.

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    Near your friends and family.

  • 3 years ago

    munster, indiana

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