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list down 5 organisms based on their categories kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species?

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    OK I know two and I'll look up the other 5:

    Animalia, chordata, mammalia, carnivora, felidae, panthera, tigris (tiger)

    Animalia, chordata, mammalia, carnivora, felidae, panthera, leo (lion)

    Animalia, chordata, mammalia, primates, hominidae, homo, sapiens (humans)

    Plantae, magnoliophyta, magnoliopsida, fagales, corylus, americana (Amercian Hazel - one from the plant world!)

    Fungi, basidiomycota, agaricomycetes, hymenomycetes, agaricales, amanitaceae, amanita, muscaria (toadstool or fly amanita)

    You can look up any organism in wikipedia and it will give you the full classification

    Hope it helps!

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    Just type the name into the Yahoo search bar and the information will come up.

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