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"過左deadline" 英文係咩??

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    在期限前完成工作叫做 meet the deadline,過左deadline叫做 miss the deadline,提前限期叫做 move up the deadline,延長期限叫做extend the deadline,建立期限叫做set a deadline.例句: If you miss the deadline, I'll kill you.若你過左死線,我會殺左你.We're afraid we might miss the deadline.我們害怕不能在期限前完成任務.另外,我們可以用did not meet the target或者never meet the deadline來表示過左deadline. He was fired because he did not meet the deadline.佢被炒因為佢未能如期完成工作.

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    passed the deadline.

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    過左deadline :

    passed the deadline

    Example :

    Your ticket is not valid because it has passed the deadline.

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