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coventry university商科難易度分析?

目前有考慮要去英國coventry university念研究所,然而希望能找到比較少考試和以交作業、presentation為主的商科科系,希望各位有經驗、資訊及念過該校同學幫忙! 謝謝阿!!

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    Conventry is not a bad University, but it's famous for its Viechel Design.

    Doesnt matter where you are, as a single female, there will always a danger to some degree. I personally dont know how safe it is at Coventry but UK as a whole is quite safe(provided that you are careful).

    800000NT will be a bit tight to pay for tuition fee and for living expenses. If you already got a MA degree there really is no reason for you to get another one in the UK. Just not worth it. What you can do is attend a short English or a diploma course to gain some experience. This way you can not only save your hard earn money but also broaden your world view!! hope this helps

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