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  • 1 decade ago
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    Can't confabulation, that introduces myself

    A Leo with not good and direct temper(although the appearance cans not see clearly)

    A love is with friend to chat.Play joy, but super the woman don't loved to go shopping

    An English is bad but Chinese super good woman(ha ha ha)

    1 recently just knew from the friend is a person who is fastidious about food, but also live a woman well for 30 years

    1 to not wear skirt but read the woman of engineering course

    One is super to love new thing but usually the woman of three minutes heat

    1 likes directly and first pleased and bad speak a clear woman, but always frighten to arrive a lately- pursued person

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  • 1 decade ago


    A temperament is not good the direct market capitalization (, although semblance could not look that) a love is chatting together with the friend. Amusement, but actually ultra does not like a woman English which window-shops being very rotten but the Chinese ultra good woman (ha) one only then from the friend mouth knowing was the human who recently selects food, but also good good work 30 year woman, for does not put on the skirt, but reads the engineering course a woman ultra love new thing but actually frequently three minute heat degree woman to like happily saying wickedly first directly the clear woman, but will always frighten the human who just pursued


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