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When did the shift occur where evolution became the primary theory taught in schools?

At one point in time creationism was the only thing taught in schools and evolution was off limits. Now we see the reverse. When did this change occur? Can anyone name any specific cases, movements, ect. other than the scopes monkey trial? Thanks!

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    Epperson v. Arkansas (1968) -- blocking evolution unconstitutional.

    Daniel v. Waters (1975) -- equal time unconstitutional.

    Edwards v. Aguillard (1987) -- teaching Creationism unconstitutional.

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    Well I would say that is when school boards decided to actually educate instead of teach stupid BS

    Emily the Scientist > OK so you agree that auto mechanics should be taught in cooking class as well and German grammer in English class. Because that is what teaching both is...this is not opinion but pure 100% fact. Anyway there are exceptions to every rule and if you got a microbiology degree I know for a fact at some point you studied Evolution...or got your degree in 1923

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    Very unfortunate shift, I might add. I would be happier if evolution *had* to be *taught*, that both evolution and creation were presented. I was fortunate enough to go to a school that didn't waste my time with evolution and just taught creation. I then went on to do a science degree (one of the best and worst things I have done in my life) and then honours in microbiology (one of the most evolution-saturated fields one can possibly study). I'm actually really happy I'm in the field as it puts me in the educated position of offering something different.


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    Remember, creationism is not falsifiable, so it's not a theory.

    Tell you what. I won't think in your churches if you won't pray in my schools.

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