Volumetric flow rate..?

Haha fun stuff I know.'

So I have the VFR of Substances A and B and the densities of substance A B and C. How do I find the Volumetric Flow rate of substance C?


thanks =D could explain how i would do that? im really trying to understand this stuff

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    The suggestion of converting them to mass flow rates is the way to go. Since:

    density = mass/volume


    mass = density * volume

    Since you've been given volume flow rates (i.e. volume per unit time), then above would actually give you the mass flow rate (mass per unit time), which I'm calling MFR, so:

    MFR = density * VFR

    You don't really state what's happening in the problem, but I'm presuming (which may be wrong) that stream A and stream B are coming together somwhere and the combination is resulting in stream C maybe? Should that be the case, then it's:

    (Density A * VFR A) + (Density B * VFR B) = (Density C * VFR C)

    algebraically solve for VFR C, since all others are known

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    3 years ago

    I basically took a direction in get admission to point chemical engineering so i think of i understand the respond, and that's extremely hassle-free. it fairly is the quantity of air that that passes via a vessel or pipe or in spite of the fact which you p.c. in a given quantity of time. If it have been in a chemical plant and that they necessary some style of air intake for the crowning glory of their technique, it may be measured in some unit of mass, or quantity according to 2nd. From the mass you are able to convert to quantity via distinctive procedures. remember, a value is a unit length according to time. it ought to be an intake of one hundred Liters/2nd, in occasion.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    clue, mass is conserved, volume is not. convert everything to mass rates to solve.

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