I have a question about dinosaurs and God. DON'T ANSWER IF YOUR ATHIEST?

So if in the bible it says that he first made the earth and then Adam and Eve but then what happend to the dinosaurs..?

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    The bible lied.

    Bronze age myth men knew nothing of dinosaurs yet, but we know they existed. Shouldn't god have mentioned that somewhere? Or perhaps the bible is not truth at all.

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    The creatures we know of as dinosaurs are not mentioned in the Bible. Many creatures are not, in fact, mentioned at all. Llamas are not found, and neither are penguins, cougars, skunks, porcupines, salamanders, zebras, or talking parrots (although we do find a talking snake and a talking donkey). The Bible is not, and has never claimed to be, a zoological encyclopedia.

    Obviously the largest dinosaurs have died out; we find different caches of bones all the time. Apparantly, there was also a mass extinction that took place, because we find caches in similiar strata around the world. I find that interesting: apparantly there WAS some sort of world-wide disaster, that killed off a lot of animals and plants at the same time. The Bible does mention one near-planetary-wide disaster event in the OT-the Great Flood. Is it possible that the precipitating event for that flood was a planet-smashing, water-vaporizing, climate-changing asteroid strike? Perhaps.

    At any rate, there were apparantly no dinosaurs around for the Bible authors to mention. At least, there were none around by the time of Moses, who wrote the first 5 books of the Bible. It is possible that what survived the Great Flood, could have been hunted into extinction by human survivors. We just don't know. Native American tribes have stories and paintings of hunting creatures we would call mastodons. Somehow, such stories are usually dismissed by the scientific community, perhaps because they don't "match up" with the already accepted theories of the day.

    It really doesn't bother me one bit.

  • The Bible makes several references to dragons, behemoths, etc. These words were in use well before "dinosaur" was coined. Therefore, dinosaurs are actually in the Bible, but by a different name. Job 40 refers to "behemoth" which co-existed with Job. The description given of this animal in that chapter is remarkably similar to a saurian type of dinosaur. So dinosaurs were created on the sixth day just before Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:24, 25). Following the flood, they began to die out or were hunted and are now extinct.

    Source(s): The Bible (Genesis 1 and Job 40)
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    We know from their bones that dinosaurs existed...also that no bones of men have ever been found in those layers....

    It is because the earth IS billions of years old AND that dinosaurs had come and gone BEFORE god created man.

    It is man who has a short history on the earth ever since Adam and Eve,

    Genesis mentions animals BEFORE the creation of Adam.

    Only afterwards was Adam given the job of naming the animals. Probably, Adam never saw a dinosaur. And we have only known about them since the 1700's. When very large bones were recovered from quarries.

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    Good question.. I asked my mother a question like this at one time.

    Her response made complete sense. You can believe in Evolution and Creation if you are open minded. If you believe that God created Adam first and make the analogy to an "Atom" the building block of matter, then you can see how buy asexual reproduction Eve was created from Adam.

    The Bible decribes the begining of the world which was probably built.. one atom "Adam" at a time. The people of biblical times did not have the ability to understand what an atom was, this was the way it was communicated so that they could understand.

    I know that probably opens up a lot more questions.. but this explaination put me at ease.

    Source(s): Mom:)
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    Well, there are many different ways to look at it. Some say that God created through evolution and the word used to describe the days actually can mean any time reference.

    Others believe it is a test by God or a trick by the devil to throw man into confusion. Not as popular as the above but it has some merit when you consider we view the world from a spiritual perspective.

    Another view is that the Earths earlier atmosphere was such that animals grew to enormous sizes and thus you are really seeing an animal that has lived as long as possible and grew uninhibited.

    To me I do not worry about it. I know that the Bible is Gods word and it has the message of life to those who are drowning. When I finally get to ask God about questions I will not really care so I have adopted that attitude here.

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    The Bible does not mention dinosaurs because the creation story starts recording evolution of life on Earth starting with the first or oldest era of modern evolution and is not counting the prehistoric years that the dinosaurs existed. The world wide flood that is already in progress when the first day of creation starts is the flood Yahweh used to drown the dinosaurs and the rest of prehistoric life on Earth prior to start creating modern species of life on Earth ending with us modern humans.

    Source(s): The Behemoth and Leviathan were not dinosaurs but huge mechanical machines Yahweh used on Earth at that time that the humans who saw them thought were living creatures such as Ezekiel thought Yahweh's mechanical flying machine was a living creature.
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    I'm atheist and I know you said not to answer, but I was a Christian for a long time. This is what I believed then.

    One: Genesis is not meant to be taken literally. There is a saying that a thousand years is but one day to god; and a day for us is a thousand years for him. This means that the whole 7 days thing could be any amount of time.

    Two: The bible is meant to say why and science is supposed to say how. It's when people try to ask the wrong thing of either of them that problems arise.

    Three: A scientists definition of energy and a christian practitioner's definition of god are almost exactly alike. Who is to say that what scientist call energy is not the same thing as what christians call god?

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    The Bible never mentions dinosaurs. The Bible is not a science book, so therefore, it does not explain or prove theories or ideas that science has. We cant prove science mysteries with the Bible, and we cant prove there is not a God with science, so just let it be.

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    I'm an AthEIst (you used a different [and incorrect] spelling)

    What happened to the dinosaurs was that they were wiped out, and evolution happened, and we came from monkeys, and that is how humans came to be, not "adam and even"

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    paleontology is a pretty new science only about 180 years old so the writers of the books of the old testament did not know about this science.

    Dragons are mentioned many times. Hebrew word tannin is mentioned many times in the Old testament and literary translates to Sea or Land Monster

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