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what were slaves and women feelings during american revolution?

im writing a short essay on what slaves and women did for liberty and freedom during american revolution.

how do i start this essay off?i need help with a thesis

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    Luckily for you, I'm a Ph.D. student in U.S. women's history who focuses on the colonial period. :) I can give you a few ideas, but I guarantee you, you'll learn a great deal by looking up some info in a few books, and they'll all be very enjoyable reads. I suggest reading works from famous women's historians, such as Linda Kerber (Women of the Republic), Carol Berkin, and Mary Beth Norton (Liberty's Daughters). They will all give you good info about what women did and what the Revolution did for women and slaves.

    Some of what women and slaves exactly did for the revolutionary cause is shrouded in mystery. But I think it suffices to say that most women and slaves did what they could to survive as well as to promote their political view, albeit in a very limited way. Some were spies. Some wrote under pen names for papers. Some were even Loyalists. Some Patriot women formed sewing circles and made shirts and blankets for the men. Probably the most effective way for women especially to have a political voice was through boycotts. After all, the home was their domain, and if they participated in nonimportation agreements and/or boycotts, they could be very effective.

    Here are some good famous women you might want to include in your essay: Lydia Darragh, Mercy Otis Warren, Abigail Adams, and Phillis Wheatley.

    Finally, keep in mind that many women did amazing things that we today wouldn't find very exciting but were radical for the time, in particular, running farms in the absence of male family members.

    At any rate, I hope this gives you a good start, but do read the authors I suggested. I think you'll really like those books, even if you skim them and read the chapters you'll find most interesting. Citing actual books by credible historians gives your essay more solidity and credibility. Have fun! This is a most enjoyable topic!

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