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What do u think of this!?! PETA Urges Ben & Jerry's To Use Human Milk!?

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    Haha, is that for real!!!

    If PETA were ever going to do anything to convince me of their lack of credibility, this is it!

    I'm all for animal rights, but come on seriously.

    Number one, personally I would find it disgusting to consume someone else's breastmilk, as would most people I imagine! I had to convince myself to try my own!

    Number two, what a waste, pumping all that goodness into people that couldn't care less either way when sickly, premature babies in hospital incubators could be receiving that benefit.

    Number three, I would LOVE to see how they propose to get enough women to produce enough milk in order for that to even come close to being possible! And afford it!

    What a joke!

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    I was/am a vegetarian of 5 years[currently 28 weeks pregnant and eating chicken for protein for my baby's best interest] but I have a major problem with PETA's extreme tactics for spreading their ideas. It really irks me the way they will stop at nothing to get their message across. They do everything they can to force their beliefs onto the world. They would be happy if everybody was forced to eat meat substitutes for all eternity, regardless of if they wanted to or not. In my opinion, there's far far less gain from people becoming vegetarians and/or vegans if it doesn't come with the desire to do so for animal rights.

    Bottom line: I find it a bit disgusting, the idea of there possibly being breast milk in my ice cream. I also think it's an unrealistic, and expensive idea. No matter how the vegans of the world feel about dairy, it is not their place to say what should be in the food other people eat.

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    Milk banks who provide "at cost" donated breastmilk to mothers charge about $2-3 per OUNCE. There is no way in hell I am paying $200 for a gallon of ice cream. PETA needs to come up with some serious cash to pay for the difference. What idiots.

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    That's one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard in my life. Why in the world would they think anybody would want to eat ice cream made with the breastmilk from a bunch of women they have never met in their lives. And where exactly would all this milk come from? The milk in donor banks is given to babies who's mother's cannot supply them with their own milk. And not many women just have a never-ending supply to breast milk. With all respect to cows, I'd rather just keep things the way they are than put somebody elses breastmilk in my body. At least cows generally have the same diet and live in similar ways. I do not know these women's lifestyles, there are so many different things people put in their bodies these days. And so many widespread diseases. I would not take my chances!

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    Why only Ben n Jerry's? There is also Baskin Robbins.

    Using human milk is a 50-50

    1. Cow's milk-What if the cow has Mad Cow Disease and, it is not found out in time.

    2. Goat's milk-What if the goat has something that is not found.

    3. Breast milk-What if the woman has something that could be transmitted through the breast milk but, she doesn't know it.

    None of them, sounds better than the other.

    It could be a cash bonanza for any woman that wants to do that.

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    I don't think it's gross, I think it's a waste of breast milk that could be used to feed preemies and mothers that are medically unable to breastfeed that wish to do so. I also think that it would cost way to much money for B&J to pay mothers to remain on a specific diet and do any testing on the milk. PETA just wants more attention and they make sick jokes like this.

  • I think PETA needs to butt out and let people do and live the way the want to.

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    That is completely disgusting and unsanitary.Diseases could be transfered through breast milk and that wouldn't be safe.

    Breast milk is for babies.Not people.

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    Isnt ben and jerrys expensive enough?

  • What I want to know is where would they find all of the women to prodouce this breastmilk? I wouldnt want to donate my breastmilk for grown people to eat that just grosses me out.

    Source(s): Mommy to 2 year old Lizzi and 14 weeks 4 days pregnant with #2. Breastfed for 18 and half months and I wouldnt give my breastmilk away even if I did get paid.
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